Putting on a Show? Get Custom Sets and Props from Hogtown Mascots!

Hogtown Mascots does business all over the world. We’ve attained that status by providing a host of support and advisory services, which back up the quality of our costumes and our easy design/ordering process. One of the most important is the provision of custom sets and props, used to reinforce both mascot character and performance

What to do When You Encounter Someone Who Has a Fear of Mascots

Thousands of businesses have increased their brand awareness, and sales, by aligning their company with an appealing mascot. For example, who hasn’t heard of Ronald McDonald, Tony the Tiger, or Mickey Mouse? Mascots are widely used as teaching aids for children. Children generally connect to animal mascots, and have been known to respond to them, even when serious

Mascot Costume Ventilation, Fans and Ice Vests…Oh My!

When used effectively, a good mascot can boost morale capture people’s attention and build your organization’s brand. A mascot is used most effectively when you use a real live mascot, instead of a photograph — by real mascot, we mean a person in a mascot costume. That being said, a mascot costume is a often comprised

5 Tips to Remember When It Comes to Mascot Storage

Storing your mascot properly when you’re not using it is vital to extending its life. When you store your mascot properly, you’re protecting it from things like dust, possible bugs and rodents, as well as moisture. Knowing the correct way to store your mascot until the next time you need it can be difficult. Here

5 Creative Ways to Use Custom Mascots

Custom mascots are a wonderful and fun way to promote your brand, celebrate an event, or market a product or promotion. Because quality custom mascots are made to last, you might want to consider all the different ways you can use them for your business and give you the best return your investment. Here’s a list

Mascot Accessories That Make Suiting Up More Comfortable

Mascot Accessories That Make Suiting Up More Comfortable

Every sports team has one, every school wants one, and even your favorite charity often uses one; mascots are not only fun to have but they are quite popular too. Mascots are used to represent an identity or brand and it can be a strong and effective way of marketing. But, have you ever thought of

Should I Trademark My Mascot Design?

Should I Trademark My Mascot Design?

So you’ve made the decision to have a custom mascot created to represent your corporate sports or school identity. Now that it’s been designed, constructed and is ready to roll, the question is, should you have your mascot design trademarked? The need to protect your mascot design is based on its role in your marketing