Mascot Repairs

Whether attending meet and greets or performing at sporting events, mascot costumes can endure a lot of wear and tear. It’s simply something that goes with the territory. And while well-made costumes have been designed to endure a lot of hugs, pokes, pats, prods, scratches, bumps and so much more, even the highest quality costumes can use a little TLC after a while.

At Hogtown Mascots, we are industry-leading professional mascot costume specialists. We design and create custom corporate, sports, and character mascots and ship them to location throughout North America and around the world. In addition to creating custom characters, we also specialize in providing a wide selection of services, including repairs for mascot costumes and also cleaning services.

Our mascot costume repairs include minor fixes, such as mending seams and tears, repairs to loose parts, fasteners and scratch repair. We can also take care of any major repairs you may require. If you have major repair work that needs to be done you will need to come in to speak to us about requesting a written estimate.

Cleaning Services

In addition to our mascot repair services, you can also talk to Hogtown Mascots about having your costume cleaned. We provide general cleaning and freshening for the inside and outside of mascot costumes, along with spot treatments to any stains.

If you have professional mascot costumes in need of cleaning or repair, don’t hesitate to contact Hogtown Mascots at 1-877-622-8422, today.