Our Top Mascot Performer Tips

Being a mascot performer goes far beyond simply putting on a costume — you need to create a personality for your character and interact with your audience to make a lasting impression. You can’t just stand there like a statue but you also can’t just be overly rambunctious either unless of course your character calls […]

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Top 5 Uses for Custom Mascots

Top 5 Uses for Custom Mascots A company or team mascot can be great for morale, and can help get attention when you need it most. Whether you’re trying to stir up publicity for a promotion, awareness of your brand, charity event or big game, a fun, colorful and friendly mascot can make a huge […]

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Convincing Your Boss You Need a Mascot

Convincing your boss that you need a mascot to represent your company might not be the easiest thing to do. Still, once you have some co-workers on your side and once you’ve let your boss moll it over for a bit, there is no way they won’t be able to go for your idea! Mascots […]

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