7 Daily Mascot Cleaning Tips

Part of owning a mascot costume is regular upkeep, and that includes daily cleaning. Without proper mascot cleaning, your mascot costume will soon become unsanitary and could notably shorten the lifespan of your costume as well. As mascot costumes are uniquely made, you may not know the proper mascot cleaning techniques. What follows is a brief list of mascot cleaning tips that not only keep your mascot costume looking great, but also increases the longevity of your mascot as well.
Seven Mascot Cleaning Tips:
NO Dry Cleaning: When cleaning a mascot costume, the first thing to understand is that hand cleaning is required. Dry cleaning, with its use of chemicals and intense heat, can easily damage a mascot costume. Once a costume has been damaged in such a way, the damage may be permanent. This leads to expensive repairs, and in extreme cases, a completely new costume may be required.
Cleaning Foam Parts: The head, feet, and bodies of many mascot costumes have rigid foam components, typically covered in fabric. Any part of the costume that is rigid should be cleaned by hand. Warm water, mild detergent and soft bristle brush is an effective cleaning method, and if you have one available, a wet-vac is an excellent cleaning device for removing excess water. Also be sure to keep portable stain removers and wipes on hand to clean your costume in emergency situations.
Machine Washing: When machine washing the flexible parts of your mascot costume (gloves, clothing, jumpsuit, etc.), wash them alone in cold water with a mild detergent and a gentle wash cycle. Aside from preventing damage and decreasing wear on the fabrics, these methods can also minimize color bleeding and discoloration.
Drying Methods: When drying your mascot costume, hang drying is advisable. This is a safe and effective method that prevents damage that can be caused by dryers and prevents shrinkage or loss of color. Many mascot costumes use fabrics that could melt, rip, or become knotted in a dryer. However, if you are one hundred percent certain that your costume is dryer safe, use a low or no heat setting.
Brushing: After drying, be sure to brush your mascot costume to keep fur and fleece areas looking their best. A pet brush works well, but don’t be overly rough or in a hurry or you may damage the fabric.
Disinfecting: Be sure to disinfect areas where a performer’s skin comes into direct contact with the costume. These include the mouth, head, hands, and feet parts of the costume. Name brand sprays and wipes are effective at cleaning these areas. If smells linger, you can rub dryer sheets on the affected areas to help remove it.
Storage: Lastly, after cleaning your mascot costume, and drying it completely, be sure to store it properly. A mascot costume is a huge investment and should not be shoved into a bin or carry bag when not in use. It should be stored carefully with the head placed in a location that doesn’t cause it to become misshapen, the shoes should be stored soles down, and other parts neatly folded and hung as needed. The area where your costume is stored should also be clean, well ventilated, and neither too hot nor too cold.
With regular mascot cleaning, your costume will remain vibrant, looking new, and will last you for many years. When you need an original and well-made mascot, contact Hogtown Mascots today. Hogtown Mascots has years of experience designing mascots for businesses and stage performances worldwide. Aside from unique handcrafted designs, we also help with performance and cleaning tips for all of our clients!