What To Wear Under Your Mascot Costume

Wearing a mascot costume can be a hot and sweaty experience. Wearing the right clothes under your mascot costume can help you to stay cool and perform at your best. Use these tips to keep your cool when playing your team’s mascot.
Wear Light Clothing
Don’t make the mistake of wearing too much clothing under a mascot costume. Although you need to wear some clothes for hygiene reasons, it’s best to keep your clothing as light as possible. Wear shorts and a t-shirt, preferably ones that are made from a wicking fabric. This kind of fabric draws moisture away from the skin, helping to keep you cool.
Use a Sweat Band
When you sweat inside a mascot costume, the sweat can run into your eyes. This makes the experience of wearing the costume awkward and possibly even dangerous, as you can’t easily see where you are going. Even worse, you can’t even mop your brow, as your face is covered. The solution is to wear an absorbent sweat band to soak up any sweat before it runs onto your eyes and face.
Try a Cooling Vest
On hot days, a cooling vest is the best way to stay cool inside a heavy mascot costume. Cooling vests have pockets into which you can place cold gel packs. These packs are designed to stay cool for a long time, preventing you from overheating. If you have extra gel packs, you can swap them out during breaks, helping you to cool throughout the day.
Stay Hydrated
Mascots need to stay well hydrated, but drinking while wearing a costume can be tricky. Always make sure to take regular breaks and drink plenty of water, particularly if you are sweating a lot, to reduce the risk of dehydration and fainting.
Plan Your Outfit
It’s a good idea to try on your mascot costume and whatever you plan to wear underneath it ahead of time. This gives you the opportunity to check that your outfit is comfortable and allows you to move freely.
For more great tips on performing and staying cool under your mascot costume, stay tuned to our blog!