Mascot Costumes & Custom Made Design Services

At Hogtown Mascots, we design and build custom mascot costumes for schools, businesses, brands, charities, events and more in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and anywhere else in the world! We are a mascot maker, which means custom made costumes that reflect your exact project requirements. As an industry leader in the design and production of custom mascots, we use the most innovative mascot construction materials and techniques to create character costumes with huge impact.

Mascot costumes are proven to be an effective form of marketing, and a custom-designed character can strengthen your brand identity and can provide a tremendous return on your investment. A well-designed, high-quality custom mascot, built by a reputable mascot maker, engages your audience in a manner that can’t be achieved by other forms of traditional advertising.

Mascot Costume Design Process

Our team will work with you to design a custom mascot costume from scratch, or we can develop a mascot version of any character based on your sketches and drawings or other inspiration. We understand that your mascot design needs to attract attention, while being easy to move in and easy to maintain. These are the qualities that set our custom mascots apart from other custom mascot costume makers.

Skilled craftsmanship and careful attention to detail ensures that each costume is well constructed so that it will last for many years, with proper care. It also means that the person who is wearing the costume is comfortable and they can fully get into character while wearing it. In addition to designing and building, we also offer a host of mascot-related services and accessories including: cleaning, repairs & maintenance, refurbishing, storage & logistics, performer staffing and training, bags, cooling vests and replacement outfits and props. If you are looking for the best mascot maker, look no further. We are truly your one-stop shop for custom mascot costumes!

Take a look at our gallery and videos to find out how our costumes can work for you. Make sure to also take advantage of our free quote and consultation.

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