Tips For Making Your Team Mascot Memorable

When you think about team mascots, there are probably a few popular ones that spring to mind, but what makes them so memorable? Here’s what it takes to create a team mascot that will really make an impression on your audience.
Make your team mascot stand out
Give your mascot a feature or look that is a little different or unexpected, but one that’s easy for your fans to recognize. Put it in an oversized team jersey, create a uniform that’s just for the mascot, or create the mascot using your team’s colors. Whatever you do, make it easily identifiable to your team, so anyone will know it at a glance.
It might be tempting to choose a team mascot that is a little offensive or abrasive since shock tactics like those have long been used to gain attention for brands. However, think very carefully before you resort to this kind of image for your mascot. Ideally, you’ll be using the mascot for many years. Do you really want a negative image or reputation associated with your team?
Use your mascot often
The more often you use your mascot, the easier it will be for fans to recognize it. After enough use, your mascot will become synonymous with your team, so make sure you put your mascot on merchandise, posters, and any publicity materials you plan to distribute.
Look for opportunities to use your mascot in the community, too. The more you let your mascot interact with the public, the more it will stick in their memory. The way your mascot interacts with the public, including the skits it does on the playing field, will help endear your team mascot to them even more.
Use a professional designer
Unless you are a professional designer or artist, your designs may not be memorable for the right reasons. Your mascot should be a blend of timeless design with current trends, so choose a designer who knows what’s popular now as well as what is likely to remain popular for a few years.
Your mascot must also “speak” to your target audience. With sports teams, this can be tricky since your team mascot must appeal to all ages. A good designer with plenty of experience can help you decide on the right look for your mascot so it will appeal to a wide audience and be on trend for years to come.
Make sure your mascot fits your image
You need your audience to know that your team mascot represents you from the minute they see it, so be careful when choosing your design. Animals are a common representation for sports teams, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose one if it doesn’t represent your team and its priorities.
Look for a mascot design that’s inspiring, fun, and a little exciting. If you can step outside the “norms” of team mascot design, do so, but not at the sake of alienating your target audience. In mascot design, image is everything, so protect your team brand with a great mascot.
Take the time to talk with one of our great designers at Hogtown Mascots, and let us help you create the perfect mascot for your team. We’ll help make you a mascot that’s unforgettable and that will be with you for years to come.