Custom Mascot Services

Hogtown Mascots specializes in the creation and care of custom made mascot costumes. We are industry leading cartoon mascot designers with years of experience helping clients create fun, vibrant, larger than life character representations of their products and brands. Both our local and international clients receive high quality, expert service from the design stage through to build out, accessorizing, mascot cleaning, repairing and more. These comprehensive top to bottom solutions make it easy to incorporate a mascot into your marketing and public relations strategies.

Our Complete List of Mascot Services Includes:

Custom Build

When searching for mascot costumes for sale, it’s always a good idea to consider commissioning your own custom designed costume. The result is a character that will become synonymous with your brand identity and can help put you top of mind with your target market.  Our experienced artistic and technical team includes talented staff in the areas of design, sculpting/carving and sewing/finishing.

Design & Licensing

Hogtown Mascots provides character design services as well as various licensing packages to suit your needs – from temporary rights usage to complete purchase of intellectual property.


From clothing and props to carrying bags, cooling vests and fan units, we provide everything you need to complete and complement our custom made mascot costumes.

Cleaning & Repairs

Our mascot service includes general cleaning and freshening inside and out. We also spot treat stains, when possible. Our cleaning service includes minor repairs (at our discretion) including: seams, tears, loose parts, fasteners, scratches. For all other repairs or refurbishments that will incur additional charges, we will provide a written estimate for your approval prior to completing the work.

Storage & Logistics

Costumes are stored securely in a dry, climate-controlled environment. We are also equipped with CCTV for additional peace of mind. We partner with several logistics companies to ensure cost-efficient and timely delivery of mascot costumes, anywhere they need to go.

Performer Staffing & Training

In addition to designing your costume, Hogtown Mascots can also provide fully trained performers and handlers, skilled in the do’s and don’ts of character appearances. For individuals looking to become professional mascot performers, we offer training sessions that include concepts such as: getting in and out of costume, basic costume maintenance, walking/dancing, safety/comfort cues, character etiquette and interacting with the public.


Put your branding in the palm of your customers’ hands by letting Hogtown Mascots turn any mascot character into a cuddly plush toy. Plush dolls are perfect as promotional items or as a fundraising tools.

Sets & Props

We specialize in colourful and portable backdrops and props for any type of children’s stage show.

For more information about the mascot services of Hogtown Mascots, please call 1-877-622-8422.