Corporate Mascots

Corporate Mascot Costumes

Bring your corporate branding to life with the high quality, corporate mascot costumes available from Hogtown Mascots. Corporate mascots are well-received by both children and adults and can convey your corporate messaging in a very memorable way. That’s why it’s essential to put your trust in specialists who can provide the highest quality corporate mascot design and construction.

At Hogtown Mascots, we specialize in the design, creation and care of mascots for a wide spectrum of corporate clients. We are industry leading business mascot designers experienced in working with clients both large and small, from many different industries. For inspiration, check out our corporate mascot gallery.

Comprehensive Corporate Mascot Services

Company Mascot Design

For clients in need of custom mascot design services, Hogtown Mascots has a staff of talented and experienced designers who will work with you to ensure that your sketches, reference materials and overall vision are brought to life. We can also offer various licensing packages to suit your needs.

Costume Creation

Our corporate mascots are meticulously crafted with durable, breathable materials. They are not only built to endure hours of wearing and attention from kids (both big and small), but also to be comfortable for the performer inside of the costume. Corporate clients can count on our staff of experienced, talented designers, sculptors/carvers and sewing professionals to create a stunning and approachable interactive representation of their brand.

Post-sales service and support

Hogtown Mascots will continue to work with our corporate clients to make sure their mascot costumes stay in tip top shape. Whether it’s regularly scheduled cleaning, repairs & maintenance, storage, or providing performers and training, we make sure you get the most out of your investment for years to come.