Mascot FAQ

Our custom mascot costumes are made from a combination of fabric and foam, with other components (eyes, tongues, buttons) made from vac-formed plastics. We use specialty foam products that range from rigid to very flexible, depending on the application. Our foams are breathable, lightweight, do not trap moisture and therefore discourage the growth of mold and bacteria.

The most common types of foam used are: EVA, Etha, Esther and Reticulated.

The most common fabrics are: faux fur/fleece, antron (muppet) fleece, Bur-fab (Veltex) and poly/cotton twills. Other specialty fabrics are used, depending on the mascot design.

We NEVER use upholstery foam, fiberglass or any compressed paper product in our mascots. These are inferior materials that are either too flimsy, too heavy, too toxic or prone to trapping moisture and bacteria.

Whenever possible, we ship using standard (ground) service and can take advantage of discounted rates with our preferred carriers. Depending on your location and size of mascot, average costs can range from $50 up to $300. Expedited shipments can cost significantly more and are priced out accordingly. Clients can also arrange shipping with their preferred provider. For cross-border shipments, brokerage/customs fees, duties or taxes, if any, are the responsibility of the receiver.

We can work with a pre-designed character you provide or we can design your mascot with you to ensure that it reflects your vision and meets your specific requirements. If we design a character for you, all intellectual property rights, including copyright and design rights in the sketches, drawings and designs created by Hogtown Mascots Inc. in the course of performing these services, are exclusively owned by Hogtown Mascots Inc. We can provide more detailed information on i.p. ownership transfers and licensing upon request.

Our client login feature gives you the ability to stay connected to the designing and building process of your mascot. Whether you are around the corner or around the globe, you can approve construction at every stage with the click of a mouse, through regular photo and video updates. This interactive service ensures that we will not ship out any mascot costume until we have final approval from you.

Our production time is typically about 8 weeks from when an order is confirmed. Factors that can affect timelines include: special ordering/availability of materials, client approvals, changes & revisions. Special or rush orders can be built in less time and may incur rush charges. Hogtown Mascots specializes in fast turn-around orders, particularly for film, television and major events.

The mascots that appear in our gallery or any of our social sites have been custom made for specific clients and are not available for sale, however some of the designs are proprietary to Hogtown Mascots. Contact us to find out which may be available for purchase. We also have a stock of rental costumes available. Contact us for more information.

Good mascot construction is always a fine balance between the character design and the comfort & safety of the performer. At Hogtown Mascots, we will always try to ensure that our custom mascots are as comfortable and safe as possible, while maintaining the integrity of the design. Features such as adjustable helmets, fan units and cooling vests are some of the available options to help in making mascot performance a more enjoyable experience.

We use custom-fitted, padded helmets inside our mascot heads. Helmet placement allows for comfort, best vision and even weight distribution. Removable padding is standard in all helmets and chin straps are sometimes incorporated for added control, when mascots are required to be particularly active or acrobatic.

For uni-body (one-piece) mascots, the weight of the costume is supported on the performer’s shoulders through the use of a custom-fitted harness, also with removable padding to keep it clean.

As a rule, we do not secure the head to the body by use of straps, clips or any fastener that will prevent the person inside from removing it quickly if necessary. Good mascot design will always consider the performer’s comfort and safety first and foremost. In addition, characterization inside the mascot costume is much more effectively achieved when the performer can make independent head movements and gestures.

The inner body is an important component since this is what gives your mascot its structure and shape. Whether it’s a big tummy for a bear or a muscle suit for a superhero, the inner body is what sets a professional mascot apart from mass-produced or less expensive costumes. Wire and any other material that will not retain its original shape when squeezed should never be used in a costume. These could also pose a serious hazard if a performer should fall while in costume.

Hogtown Mascots uses special breathable foam, sandwiched between two layers of sporting mesh to allow heat and moisture to escape easily. This also allows you to wash the inner body and jumpsuit in a washing machine.

The shape of the inner body is sometimes maintained using flexible tubing attached to the structure. The inner body can be hugged repeatedly and will always return to its original shape. Unlike a suit that is stuffed like a pillow, this structure is lightweight and also keeps a cavity around the performer’s body to allow for maximum airflow inside the mascot.

An inner body also allows you to wash the inside regularly without needing to clean the outside of the mascot all the time. This will keep your mascot looking newer for a longer period of time.

Our mascots are custom made to order for each client and even with the strictest quality standards in place, sometimes repairs are unavoidable. It’s important to know that your mascot supplier has a system in place to provide post-sales support.

At Hogtown Mascots we offer a 1-year warranty from the date of delivery against any manufacturing defects, excluding normal wear and tear. We also provide on-going support in the way of cleaning, repairs & maintenance, storage and refurbishing. If concerns do arise after you receive your mascot, we will work with you to resolve issues, however please note that there are no refunds on finished custom mascots.

A carrying bag is usually included with your quote; however you may not need one if:

1) you are replacing an old mascot and you may already have a bag.
2) your mascot may never need to travel and therefore you simply don’t need a bag. We recommend always storing your mascot in a well-ventilated area after use, until the costume is completely dry. A mascot bag should be used to get your mascot from point A to point B. Storing your mascot in a bag for any extended period of time in not advisable, as this can trap moisture, promoting the growth of bacteria and mold.
3) your mascot is particularly fragile, has a unique shape or is required to travel often. In that case we recommend the addition of a custom sized box or hard-shell case, priced as required.

A custom made mascot costume from a reputable supplier can cost, on average, between $4000-5000. The price will vary depending on the type of mascot design, which components you are buying and the level of detail required. A typical mascot suit will include a head (with fan), inner body pod, jumpsuit, gloves and feet. Different companies may include things like carrying bag, cooling accessories and shipping costs, while other may offer them as add-ons.

Each part of a custom mascot is built from scratch, by skilled craftspeople experienced in sculpting, pattern-making, sewing, painting or other special effects techniques.