Mascot Costume Makers

As one of Hogtown Mascots’ key mascot costume makers, founder John Kernaghan has serious knowledge about everything relating to mascots. He is our self-proclaimed mascot nerd. John has tons of experience under his belt. He has been building mascots since the age of 13 when he would make mascots for local parades and city festivals, recruiting his friends and family members to wear them. From a young age, his work was already attracting media attention and he received several awards for his achievements. Today, John is still crazy for mascot costumes. He builds them, takes them apart and builds them again. He walks in them, dances in them, and dreams about them. When it comes to anything to do with mascots, John is your guy!

He has some highly notable professional experience including working at Paramount Parks in Toronto and North Carolina. He was also in charge of constructing all of the wardrobe pieces for Disney’s television production of JoJo’s circus (seasons 2 & 3). John has also worked in costume design and production in several theater performances and television filmings.

Hogtown Mascots’ other co-founder, George Civello, is a man of many talents. As a mascot manufacturer, George assists with the design aspect as well as the business side of things. George grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs who gave him first-hand involvement with a lot of valuable experience in many areas of business.

John and George know everything there is about making mascots. As leading mascot costume makers, there is no one better to get you started with your mascot. Whether it be a custom design, revamping a current one, renting one that we have on site, or cleaning services, Hogtown Mascots does it all! Call 877-622-8422 today.