Sports Team Mascot Costumes

Keep your fans cheering and your athletes revved up to win the game with team mascot costumes that both inspire and entertain. The antics of an energetic and entertaining mascot will be enjoyed by sports fans both young and old. Whether you want a mascot that’s cuddly, comical or just plain cool, you can depend on the high quality, customer-focused services of Hogtown Mascots.

When it comes to performing for a crowd at a sporting event, you need a team mascot costume that’s vibrant, attention-getting and easy to perform in, because a sports mascot is oftentimes more physical than others. Whether going for a slam dunk at a basketball game or giving the local little league umpire a hard time, your team mascot must be able to move around. That’s why Hogtown Mascots is committed to creating costumes that are not just attractive, but also comfortable and safe for the performer.

Quality Design and Construction

At Hogtown Mascots, you’ll work hand in hand with our team of talented designers, to ensure that your vision for your team mascot costume becomes a reality. Bring us your sketches, and designs or elements of inspiration and we can develop a character that truly captures the essence of your team. Check out other sports mascots on our gallery page.

Once your mascot costume has been designed, our highly skilled staff will get to work creating a character that your fans are certain to love.

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can bring your sports team’s mascot to life, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation! Call 1-877-622-8422 today.