Mascot Storage

So you’ve commissioned the design and development of a 7 foot tall teddy bear mascot costume. Now, the question is: where do you find mascot storage? These days, with office space at a premium, office storage rooms simply are not what they used to be. These tiny spaces are generally stuffed with a proliferation of broken chairs, boxes of assorted holiday decorations and a seemingly endless pile of CPUs and keyboards from 1999 taking up space. So, chances are good that you haven’t the space to properly store your corporate mascot.

Even if you do have a closet or other small space set aside in which to store your mascot, the conditions of the space may not be ideal. These costumes require a specific type of environment in order to stay in the best possible condition, and a dusty, old closet simply will not suffice. Your mascot costume is a physical representation of your company, school, or team’s marketing message, so you’ll want to ensure that it looks its very best.

A Reliable, Climate-Controlled Storage Solution

At Hogtown Mascots we’re committed to providing our customers with top quality mascot design and other service from beginning to end – and that includes offering space for mascot storage. In order to maintain the appearance and good hygiene of our clients’ mascot costumes, we maintain a secure, dry, climate-controlled storage area. Additionally, our mascot storage facility is equipped with CCTV for additional peace of mind.

For more information about our mascot storage services, please contact Hogtown Mascots at 1-877-622-8422, today.