Everything You Need to Know About Mascot Recycling

When is it time to recycle your mascot costume? After years of being the happiest chipmunk for your high school sports team or working the stage as a singing slice of grapefruit for the top fruit beverage company in the region, it might be time to retire that character. Over time, even the best-made mascot […]

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Choosing the Ideal Mascot Material

When designing your mascot costume, you have a variety of options. The overall look, type, colors, and accessories are all important in creating an ideal mascot. When taking all these design options into consideration, it is important to not forget about the mascot material your mascot costume is created with. Every mascot material is different and […]

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What Are Mascots Made Of?

Mascots can be made of many different materials; it really depends on the costume and the manufacturer. Different materials are used for different looks, different levels of wear and tear, different weather environments, etc. Most of our mascots are made from a combination of fabric and foam. While different detail components of the mascot like […]

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