Re-purposing Your Custom Mascot Costume

Regardless of what you’re using your mascot for right now, you may eventually want to evolve or repurpose it. After all your mascot costume still has value, you just have to figure out what that value is and incorporate it into your current business model. You should dust off your old custom mascot costume and use […]

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Happy Holidays from Hogtown Mascots!

No matter where, how or with whom you are celebrating this season, make it count. Take some time to be with the ones you love. Maybe share a meal, grab a coffee or just pick up the phone and call someone to say hi. Even great distances can’t keep people apart during the holidays. And […]

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Tinted Eyes

OK, for the record I LOVE tinted eyes in a mascot!  I’ve been obsessed with this aspect of mascot construction since early on. When you look at Mickey and Minnie Mouse don’t you just love those nice shiny plastic eyes? Ok, maybe you don’t notice that – but I do!When I first started making mascots […]

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Mascot Cooling Fan – Good or Bad?

One of the most often asked questions is whether or not a mascot cooling fan is really necessary.  Many people assume that all “pro” mascots come with fans and elaborate cooling systems. This is rarely, if ever, true.   In my years of experience performing at major theme parks, I can tell you that NONE […]

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Hogtown Mascots and The Colbert Report

Press Release Celebrity satirist Stephen Colbert uses mascot on April 27th edition of ‘The Colbert Report’. · Toronto, ON, April 28, 2010: Hogtown Mascots ( recently selected comedian Stephen Colbert as the next recipient on its mascot ‘hit list’, following the success of the ‘Big Ellen’ mascot campaign in April 2008, in which celebrity talk […]

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Sheriff Green to the Rescue

Dragon Spotted in Downtown Toronto

On Saturday October 3rd, our very own blue dragon was seen frolicking with visitors at the 8th annual Fallfest, in support of the Palmerston Community Daycare Centre. The centre provides non-profit daycare to children aged from 2 1/2 to 12 years. Part of the festivities also included a Dutch Raffle, Silent Auction and a host […]

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Cleaning Promotion Continues!

Get your mascot or character costumes cleaned for free! For a limited time Hogtown Mascots is offering free cleaning services. We’ve even made it easy for you to get your mascot sent to us. When you’re ready to ship, just click the link below to contact Critical Path Couriers and mention Hogtown Mascots to get […]

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Glad you made it home ok, Swimmerman!

Shhh..not so loud!

Posted by Happy the Hog: I know most people think this is cute and quirky, but let me tell you that having super-sensitive hearing can be a curse. Imagine what it must be like for someone like me to get a decent night’s sleep when the slightest sound makes me jump? I hear neighbours getting […]

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