Mascot Recycling and Refurbishing

Is your older mascot costume looking a little worn out these days? Has your company or team rebranded? Don’t just trash your tired mascot costume when you can talk to Hogtown Mascots about our mascot recycling. Our program allows clients to donate or trade in old, unused costumes. This program can help you save money on the cost of a brand new costume, while also offering relief to crowded landfills.

At Hogtown Mascots our Remascot program means that we’re able to reuse parts from a recycled mascot and reuse the materials in the construction of new mascots. This reduces the amount of fabric, foam and other materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Renovating and repurposing allows us to give new life to an existing mascot, while also helping you save money. Our skilled professionals can assess your current mascot costume and provide you with suggestions for improvement and updating. We can improve the appearance of your original character, while also maintaining its original spirit.

The Remascot program is only one of the many services that we offer. At Hogtown Mascots, we provide a broad spectrum of mascot services, tailor-made to service customers from the beginning through to the end of a mascot costume’s lifecycle. So whether you want to recycle a costume or revitalize it, you can count on Hogtown Mascots to provide topnotch service at competitive prices.

If you have an old mascot costume that you would like to recycle or if you’re looking to turn a recycled mascot into a new costume, please contact Hogtown Mascots at 1-877-622-8422, today.