School Mascots

Custom School Mascot Costumes

Why Should You Invest in a Mascot?

What better way is there of showing spirit and representing your school than having an appropriate mascot do it for you? Mascots are not a new concept, but the right one can make all the difference when it comes to good publicity for your school, high school, college and more.

How Long Will the Mascot Last?

When cared for properly, mascots have a very long life. Oftentimes, your mascot costume can last years, if not decades. When you purchase a mascot from us, we will always provide care and cleaning instructions. However, if your mascot ever needs a really good cleaning, we offer professional cleaning services that are sure to spruce it up as well.

You can take advantage of our Remascot™ program down the road when it is time to get a replacement or make upgrades to your school’s mascot. Our Remascot™ program makes sure that by trading in your used mascot, you not only get an allowance on a new one, but you also let us reuse fabric and other components of the mascot and keep them out of the landfills!

Interested in exploring your mascot options for your school? Check out the school mascot gallery. We have tons of experience and can help you find a starting point. Call us today for a free consultation! 1-877-622-8422