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If your business, team or school is looking for a place to buy mascot costumes, look no further than the experts at Hogtown Mascots. We can help bring your branding and PR strategies to life with vibrant, custom-designed characters that will shine as the centerpiece of any marketing plan.

Located in Ontario, Canada, we are mascot costume manufactures with clients across North America. We provide design, licensing and custom mascot building, along with many other related services. You can commission us to conceptualize your custom mascot or we can develop a mascot version of any character based on your sketches and other resources.

Our mascot costumes are vibrant, meticulously constructed and comfortable for the performer to wear. These details help maximize the value and your business’ return on investment. That’s because a comfortable performer can better bring your character to life and a dynamic character draws your target audience in, thereby helping them engage with your brand.

At Hogtown Mascots, we are mascot costume manufacturers providing comprehensive mascot design solutions. We are committed to always striving for smarter, more dynamic ways of bringing your brand identity to life, which has allowed us to become leaders in our industry. Hogtown Mascots is also proud to be a license partner with Sesame Workshop, managing all meet-and-greet walkaround character appearances throughout Canada.

If you’re ready to stop wondering where to buy mascot costumes and get started on breathing new life into your marketing and public relations efforts, contact Hogtown Mascots to get started, today! Call 1-877-622-8422 or submit our online form.

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