Character Mascots

Character Mascot Design

Let Hogtown Mascots provide you with a fun and exciting way to grab the attention of your customers and get your branding message across. We are industry-leading mascot costume manufacturers, providing a comprehensive selection of character mascot design and development solutions.

We are committed to designing high-quality character mascot costumes that perfectly suit the needs of our clients. At the start of the design process, we’ll talk to you about your objectives in order to get the clearest idea about what type of costume you require. First, we will discuss how you intend to use the costume –such as to hand out brochures or samples, to entertain children or fans at sporting events. Then we’ll talk about your mascot’s mobility. Does it need to run, jump and be active? Or will it simply walk around and wave?

The best way to help us properly translate the mascot character design that you have in mind is by providing us with reference materials and information on the mascot character you wish to have created. We can use those materials to create your ideal character in mascot form. Then it’s on to the design and construction of the character mascot costumes.

Here is a quick look at the design and construction process:

  • Your character will be sketched and a quote provided
  • Client reviews sketch and provides approval or requested changes
  • Quote is signed and deposit is submitted
  • Project is scheduled
  • Finished mascot is approved
  • Mascot is shipped

If you’re interested in purchasing character mascot costumes for sale, or if you’re looking for mascot character design, please contact Hogtown Mascots at 1-877-622-8422 today.