Choosing the Right Mascot Performer for Your Character

Designing a mascot for your business can be a complex process. After deciding on the character type, overall look, brand identity, and how the mascot will be used, you next have to find the right mascot performer to wear the costume. You could have the best mascot ever designed, but without the right mascot performer, all that hard work and creativity will go to waste.
Make no mistake – mascot work is not easy, and it isn’t something you can hand off to the first available volunteer. A mascot performer is a professional who’s serious about their craft. There is an art to being a mascot, and it’s more than just putting on the costume. The key to choosing the right performer for the job is to treat it like a job and hire a performer like you would any other employee. The following tips will help you find an effective mascot performer:
The Job Description: every job has its duties and tasks that must be performed. So when writing a job description for your mascot opening, think of what the performer will actually be doing. Aside from being a good performer will they have to handle social media marketing, or the booking of their appearances? Also when writing the description, ask yourself, what is the character’s personality? What values does your company want to put forth with your mascot?
Ads: the ad you put out into the local market also should include the standard job details you expect from any other job opening. Things such as location, hours, pay rate and so on. Because mascot performing is physical work, also include a desired fitness level and other physical attributes such as height.
Advertising: locating talent is a challenge in its own right. When looking for mascot talent, there are plenty of ways to reach qualified job seekers. Search for interested fans on your own website or Facebook page, online job boards, and flyers at local colleges.
Narrowing Down the Submissions: after placing an ad, if you’re lucky you’ll receive several qualified resumes. After removing unqualified resumes, the next step is cutting down the qualified list. A quick email or phone interview can quickly narrow down whom you want to interview or audition in person as a potential hire.
Interview Checklist: once you’ve narrowed down your interview choices, the next step to determine how you will conduct your interview. The following are some sample questions to ask any potential mascot hire:

  1. Character: your mascot has a character, so ask questions with this character in mind. Ask the mascot performer how they would bring this character to life. This will let you judge their creativity.
  2. Hiring Criteria: be clear on what criteria you’re looking for. As a performance job, keep creativity, endurance, overall health, and performance ability in mind.
  3. Judging: as performing can be very subjective, have a panel of judges to provide differing viewpoints and come to a concise hiring conclusion.
  4. Experience: ask about relevant experience. Previous mascot work, improv work, acting, and clowning are all good examples of relevant experience.
  5. Let Interviewees Perform: aside from the typical interview questions, give potential mascots the opportunity to perform. Offer typical scenarios that your mascot may find themselves in, and let them perform their own routines to get an idea of what they offer.

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