Putting on a Show? Get Custom Sets and Props from Hogtown Mascots!

Hogtown Mascots does business all over the world. We’ve attained that status by providing a host of support and advisory services, which back up the quality of our costumes and our easy design/ordering process. One of the most important is the provision of custom sets and props, used to reinforce both mascot character and performance impact.


Mascots are far more effective than print or other media advertising. Your brand actively engages with customers, and potential customers, to create an interaction which stays with people long after the performance is over.
Taking that as a given, is there anything more your organization could be doing to maximize the impact of your mascot’s appearances? Backdrops and props can be very helpful.
Hogtown Mascots specializes in providing colorful and portable backdrops, and the props you need, to ensure the success of any type of mascot-oriented show. Because we design and build custom costumes, we can produce any sort of reinforcing materials you need. Our contact details are given below, and they’re all you need to start the process of putting on your show.
Props and backdrops serve multiple functions, which makes them a great investment. Consider the value to your show’s effects if you could:

  • Allow for branded photographic opportunities, which are often quite as popular with adult event attendees as they are always with children. Consider a colorful brand backdrop or some relevant scene that could frame your mascot.
  • Create a scenario, rather than a stand-alone performance, with a few simple communication strengtheners (musical instrument, replica of your product, whatever most suits your mascot and message)
  • Get creative with some pre-recorded audio and some simple staging and choreography – make it a little stage show. Offer seating that needn’t be arranged with event hosts, avoiding organizational complications while creating a “captive audience” which feels welcomed and engaged.


To really install your brand in a customer’s mind, there’s nothing more effective than giving that person something to carry away with them. Something that – just like the mascot itself – is more impactful than a piece of paper which soon gets lost or thrown away.
At Hogtown Mascots, we offer a service aimed directly at this invaluable advertising tool.
We can recreate your performance mascot as a plush toy, perfect for kids or adults (or both!). It’s impossible to overstate the value of handing out miniature replicas of your full-size mascot. They can become a child’s favorite companion, a talking point on an executive’s desk, and everything in between.