Turn Your Mascot Into a Cuddly Plush Toy

What does your mascot’s image do for you? Just having a mascot is a great marketing tool and wonderful for brand recognition. However, your mascot and its image can only appear in so many places. Why not spread your brand even further and turn your mascot character into a stuffed toy?


The Miniature Version
Mascot costumes lend themselves to the creation of stuffed animals perfectly. A professionally designed plush toy will take all the marketing gains you receive from just having a mascot and increase your reach even further.
What You Can Do With Your Custom Stuffed Animals
There are a lot of things you can do to make stuffed animals. While it’s easy to think of them as fun things to sell or giveaway, you should also think about the opportunities they represent.
People love to take something home from an event. They like reminders of a time and place. A stuffed animal version of your mascot can represent all of these things, so here are some options of ways to offer your memorabilia:

  • At conferences
  • At special events
  • Have them for sale at your store or on your website
  • Offer them up as prizes for contests
  • Offer them as a thank you for a donation
  • Client or partner gifts

There are many more things you can try. You can make stuffed animals a cornerstone of your business or group. And it’s not all about finding things to do with them; it’s also about what they can do for you.
What Your Stuffed Animals Can Do For You
Stuffed animals offer a lot to people. They can work as companions for children, or they can conjure up nostalgia in adults. They’re almost universally considered cute and they have a way of softening people. An added advantage is that when the event is done, guests will still have a memory of your business with the plush toy they bring home.
Evergreen Advertisements
There are less emotional ways your stuffed animals can help you as well. They give you the ability to offer a lovable but visual advertisement.

  • A card goes into a wallet or somewhere out of the way.
  • A flyer will eventually see a shredder or garbage can.
  • Other things, like keychains with your logo may or may not go onto a key ring

Plush toys may even be used as a gift to a child or another loved one. Instead of the trash, a stuffed animal can sit prominently in a bedroom, on a couch, or any other place where it serves as a constant visual reminder. Whether you make stuffed animals for prizes and giveaways, client gifts, or sell them in stores, it’s a great way to connect with guests.
Contact a Professional Service
It’s important that you work with a professional service to create the mini version of your mascot. Hogtown Mascots prides itself on its ability to not only design and create mascot costumes, but also working with clients to transform their characters into cute, stuffed toys. Get started by contacting Hogtown Mascots today with your ideas.