Your checklist for designing mascot suits

Depending on what you’re using the mascot suit for, how it should be designed will change. Here are 4 design checklists to keep in mind when designing custom mascot suits:

  1. Mascot suit design for sports teams

An intense facial expression
You want your team to fight for every inch on that field, court or track. The mascot’s intense gaze will reflect that desire to fight — and it might intimidate a few opponents in the process.
A creature that fits the team’s style
Your mascot suit should reflect your team’s style and spirit. This doesn’t necessarily have to reflect your team’s name either. For example, instead of a golden nugget as a mascot, the Denver Nuggets have a mountain lion as a mascot — and it’s one of the best mascots.
Relevant accessories are included
A jersey, musket or other accessory that reflects your team can transform an otherwise basic mascot costume into something amazing.
Your team colors are there
Your mascot suit is being designed for your team, and this should be clear. To that end, its fur, skin and/or outfit should be the exact same as your team colors.

  1. Mascot suit design for kids’ events

The mascot suit is smiling
At a kid’s event, you want the kids to be happy. If your mascot is frowning or has a fierce expression like some sports mascots have, then it will not make the kids happy; in some cases, it will even scare the children.
The mascot suit has bright colors
Kids like seeing bright colors. Dull colors, on the other hand, can make an otherwise perfect mascot suit design seem boring and drab. That is why popular characters like Ronald McDonald, Barney and Big Bird are all colored very brightly.
The mascot suit is something that kids will like
You don’t want to pick a creature that will intimidate children. Even a smiling shark can seem threatening to kids. If you absolutely must use a creature that is normally intimidating to children, then make sure to minimize its more aggressive features and replace it with friendlier, more human ones.

  1. Mascot suit design for corporate events

The design is consumer friendly
Make sure that you keep your target audience in mind when you design your mascot. Kids, for example, require a bright, energetic smiling mascot. More serious adults, on the other hand, may find such a costume design silly or offensive.
Product placement is infused into the design
Speaking of your company’s brand, you should also take the opportunity to include some product placement in your mascot design. How far you want to go with this will depend on the type of corporate event you are holding. If it is a product centric corporate event, then you could design a mascot costume that is one giant product. If the event is more general, then you could have the mascot hold a mock-up product.
Does your mascot suit design work?
Make sure by following your checklist and marking off each feature as you go along. Contact Hogtown mascots and we will transform your idea into a custom mascot design.