Stay Cool With a Mascot Cooling Vest

Working as a mascot can be a very physically demanding job. As most mascots don’t speak, all forms of communication are pantomimed or implied through physical actions. That’s without getting into the more demanding performances and stunts many mascots perform. Make no mistake – it’s easy to get hot when wearing a full body mascot costume. However, you may be able to cut down on the discomfort with a mascot cooling vest. Here is a brief explanation of mascot cooling vests and the advantages they offer.
What Is a Mascot Cooling Vest?
A mascot cooling vest is an excellent way to stay cool during hot days and long performances. A mascot cooling vest is much like you’d expect – a vest garment designed to keep you cool. These specialized vests use cooling gel packs that are frozen beforehand and inserted into compartments on the vest to keep you cool. The cooling packs themselves are removable, allowing you to customize how it works. Plus, the cooling packs, while cold are not so cold that they damage your skin. The only drawback to a cooling vest is that it does add weight and bulk to your costume.
Why Use A Mascot Cooling Vest?
A mascot cooling vest offers many advantages over more traditional cooling methods. A well-made mascot costume will have vents on the body of the costume itself and on the head in the mouth, nose, and eye areas. However, these merely let stale air out they don’t do much for keeping you cool. In fact, on a hot day the air being let in can be just as hot as the air being let out. While wearing lightweight clothing and making use of sweatbands is practical advice, these suggestions are merely concerned with lessening the impact of heat then actively fighting it.
A mascot cooling vest fights against the heat by actively keeping you cool. The frozen gel packets used in most cooling vests are very cold but also completely safe, meaning they won’t damage your skin or clothing when worn. Also due to the way such vest inserts are made, they stay cold even after thawing and the slow melting process takes a great deal of time, keeping you cooler longer. This means that a properly prepared cooling vest will last the length of most performances.
Lastly, in most cooling vests the gel packs are removable, meaning that you can customize which areas of your torso are cooled and which ones are not. You can also adjust for the weather as well using less cooling packs on warmer (but not overly hot) days and using more on days with really hot weather.
Staying cool while in costume is about more than comfort. It is an important health consideration. A cooling vest combined with good safety habits can keep you comfortable and safe. When you need a well-made mascot costume to fit your performance needs you should turn to an industry expert. Hogtown Mascots has been providing high quality mascot costumes, accessories, repair, and other services for many years. With the help of our expert staff, you can design a mascot costume that is truly unique, eye catching, and comfortable. Contact us today with any questions you may have.