Signs Your School Mascots Need An Overhaul

Your school has spirit, but is your mascot up to the job? School mascots can be icons in their own right, a symbol school spirit that can both represent and inspire pride in fans all around the community. Some school mascots can inspire for generations, but eventually, it may be time for a change.

Here are some signs that it’s time to replace or redesign your school mascot so you can keep the inspiring tradition of the mascot going strong.

Your mascot looks dated

If your school mascot clearly looks like it’s been around since the seventies, it may be time for a little modernization. For a mascot to appeal to new generations of fans it needs to be relatable. For many mascots, the answer is as simple as updating a jersey or other article of clothing on the mascot. For others, you may want to consider a redesign of the mascot itself, especially if the mascot costume itself is decades old.

Your mascot doesn’t represent you appropriately anymore

Times change, and so do school mascots, for a very good reason. Some mascot choices that were socially acceptable years ago are no longer embraced by all members of your community. Your school mascot should be an inspiring and unifying character that everyone will love, but if it’s not, it might be time for a complete overhaul.

The mascot that represented your school thirty years ago may no longer be socially acceptable or even relevant. Think of the big sports teams that have been asked to change their names and mascots due to a change in public opinion. It’s better to have a new mascot than to have a negative public image, so make sure your school mascot is still an accurate representation of your school.

Your mascot costume is looking worse for wear

Are you seriously still using duct tape to keep your mascot alive? Maybe you enjoy having a limited range of motion because you feel it’s easier to hold your costume together than it would be to have it repaired or replaced. If you’re resorting to drastic measures just to wear the costume, it’s probably time for a change.

You’re only fooling yourself and cheating your fans if you’re still performing in a mascot that is damaged and restricting your mobility. You can’t maintain character with split seams and torn, tatty fabric, so have it replaced.

Your mascot is just plain boring

There really is no excuse for a boring, uninspiring school mascot. Maybe your current mascot used to be cool, but now everyone is way more impressed with mascots that do dangerous stunts while riding a motorcycle backwards while blindfolded. Ok, so maybe you don’t have to go that far, but you should make sure that your mascot routine isn’t yawn-inducing.

School mascots who move around, interact with the crowds, and who can perform basic skits are more appealing and interesting than mascots that have limited mobility or lack the ability to see where they’re going. Make sure your mascot costume allows for movement and visibility so you can wow the crowds without injuring yourself.

If your school mascot costume has reached the end of its journey, don’t just toss it in the trash. Bring it to us and we’ll recycle it, saving it from taking up space in the landfill and potentially giving another mascot a new lease on life.

Then, talk to us about creating an updated mascot that is perfect for your school. Contact Hogtown Mascots for all your mascot needs, and you won’t be disappointed.

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