Re-purposing Your Custom Mascot Costume

Regardless of what you’re using your mascot for right now, you may eventually want to evolve or repurpose it. After all your mascot costume still has value, you just have to figure out what that value is and incorporate it into your current business model. You should dust off your old custom mascot costume and use it for one of the following things:
Use your old mascot costume for different events and activities
Although your old custom mascot costume may not be being used for the event that you initially designed and purchased it for, it can still be used for other events and activities. For example, if your mascot was used for a single company event, you can use it to interact with customers on different days; if your mascot was used for school games, you can repurpose it to be used on campus as a fun way to keep students in the school spirit throughout the day.
Use your old mascot costume for marketing
Repurposing your old mascot costume for marketing is an outstanding way to expand and diversify your campaign. To that end, you should consider using your old mascot costume for the following things:
A vibrant, energetic or even goofy mascot costume is great for engaging audiences that have learned to tune out commercials, both online and on television. By using your old mascot for just this purpose, it frees up your new mascot for other things.
Image-based advertisements
Your mascot is still the face of your organization. An old mascot costume could be great for photographs on banners, billboards, business cards, posters, newspaper ads, etc.
Turn your old mascot costume into a statue
Even if your old mascot costume has suffered damaged that makes it impossible to wear, it can still be used as a figurehead for your organization. You can have it held up by a solid frame, so that can serve as an indoor statue. This way, your old mascot will forever strike its most famous pose
Donate your old mascot costume
Like selling your old mascot costume, donating it will give it a new lease on life, when you cannot do anything else with it. This is an outstanding option if you want to help out a local charity, or you are having difficulty finding a buyer for your old costume.
Instead of making a waste of your old mascot costume by throwing it into the garbage if it’s no longer relevant to the business, repurpose it to bring the brand new life. Also, while you’re repurposing your current mascot costume, don’t forget to have a new one made. Or if you are still currently using your mascot, you can still repurpose it to find other ways to connect with your audience and market your business. To maximize the lifespan of the new costume, be sure to have it built by the best custom mascot costume manufacturers in Canada. Contact us for additional services such as mascot cleaning and care.