Powerplay! Ranking Our Favourite NHL Mascots of All Time

Mascots have been part of the NHL for many years. Most hockey fans would agree that mascots are as integral to the game as the players. Over the years, NHL teams have adopted different types of mascots to reflect their team’s spirit and the organization they represent. Some NHL mascots are cuddly and cute, while others are rather strange and creepy. Some mascots limit their entertainment on the ice rink, while others extend their team’s popularity off the rink by visiting fans in hospitals, doing charity work, and staying active on social media channels.

Here are our favourite NHL mascots of all time:

1. Bailey the Lion | Los Angeles Kings

Bailey the Lion is the mascot of the Los Angeles Kings. Towering at six-foot-four inches, Bailey is just as rambunctious as he looks. 

Always agitating the opposing fans and irritating officials, this stuffed lion excels at his job. He is well recognised and has a boatload of Twitter fans. He usually alternates between a white and black LA jersey at home games. Bailey is well loved by fans thanks to his uplifting style and exuberance. Away from the ice rink, Bailey loves to make people feel good; he is often seen visiting community centers, youth hockey games, and hospitals. 

2. Sparky the Dragon | New York Islanders


Sparky the Dragon is the official mascot of the New York Islanders, and many hockey fans believe that he is the best mascot of NHL. This goofy looking fire-breathing dragon has a bizarre repertoire of on-ice antics, but is also warm, kind, and loving. His uniform is eye-catching with vivid colors, and he has a tail shaped like a hockey stick. Away from the rink, Sparky keeps a packed schedule including regular charity work, and is often seen uplifting sick children through his contagious smile and attitude.

3. Hunter | Edmonton Oilers


Hunter is the mascot for the Edmonton Oilers. With a huge lynx-like face, Hunter looks somehow strikes that delicate balance of being both fierce and adorable all at once.  He loves to sit with the fans, works very hard to encourage his team, and often riles the opposing players. The only question is: why did the Edmonton Oilers choose a lynx as their mascot? 

The answer is that Hunter is a Canadian Lynx, named after Bill Hunter, the original owner of the Oilers. Considering that the lynx is a far more intimidating choice than, say the Canada Goose, we’d say that the Oilers made a great choice.

4. Thunderbug | Tampa Bay Lightning


Thunderbug is the official mascot for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

This insect-like-looking mascot always wears black and yellow colors with the numbers 00 etched on his jersey. He is well-liked by the fans because he is always giving away T-shirts, and what adoring fan doesn’t love free merch?

You may ask what a Thundergbug is. The thunderbug is a harvest fly that is usually found on farming land. It is believed that there are nearly 6,000 species of these insects, but it is hard to tell them apart by just looking at them.

However, this Thunderbug mascot is easy to identify, as he is one of few insect mascots in the sporting world. Despite this unique character choice, Thunderbug is a great mascot and one of the team’s best cheerleaders. Check out his awkward dance moves – we promise you’ll be smitten.

5. Tommy Hawk | Chicago Blackhawks


Tommy Hawk is also quite a popular mascot in the NHL. A mascot for the Chicago Blackhawks, Tommy is instantly recognized by his hawk uniform and feathers on his head. This feathery hawk not only plays hockey but is also a great dancer. He is extremely friendly and loves children. Tommy Hawk is often seen attending birthday parties, schools, block parties, and parades off the ice rink. He was the first mascot to be inducted into the Hall of Fame!

6. Chance | Vegas Golden Knights

Chance, the mascot for the Vegas Golden Knights, has the facial appearance of a dinosaur but is, in fact, a venomous lizard (the Gila monster). While most Gila monsters live in secluded areas and shy away from other creatures, Chance can be found everywhere and never shies away from meeting a new fan. On the ice rink, he has done a great job reviving the Vegas Golden Knights, and with his loud, infectious cheering, he’s a sure-fire crowd-pleaser.

Off the rink, Chance is a regular visitor at hospitals and participates in many community events and youth hockey games.

Over the years, hockey mascots played more of an integral role both on and off the rink. And, thanks to social media, you can engage directly with mascots on an entirely different platform. Whether it is a winning or losing hockey team, mascots are crucial to the sport – and always will be.

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