Mascot Stunts Any Performer Can Master

We are all familiar with the crazy stunts we’ve seen mascots try at big sporting events. While these outrageous tricks require lots of preparation, skill and can even be dangerous, your stunts can be much simpler and still be effective and fun for all. What fans are really looking for are funny, entertaining, and impressive mascot stunts. The good news is that your team’s mascot doesn’t have to be a gymnast to pull off these five mascot stunts.

  1. Get out your water gun

Bring the biggest water gun you can find and surprise people with a blast of water. The crowd will go craziest when you find someone in the audience to squirt. After squirting them, throw the water gun to a nearby kid and then point at them as though it was their fault. Most of the time, the kid will start squirting you. Run away as though you’re terrified but come back with an even larger water gun.

  1. Stand up a fan at your own dance party

There’s nothing more fun – or funnier – than bringing people onto the court to dance with you. Or is there? Next time, wait for them to turn around and when they’re not looking completely stop dancing and just stare at them. Put out your mascot arms like, “What the heck are they doing?” and look at the audience.

  1. Give an audience member a bigger job than they can handle

Bring out a fan for any of the mascot stunts you’ve come up with and then drop down to the ground in the middle of your routine. Lie there motionless while they try to pick you up. Stay completely limp and the crowd will crack up as they watch the fan try to lift you up.

  1. Play your way into their heart’s with puns

Audiences love mascot stunts that utilize puns. A great example is taking two pieces of rope and having the audience announce you’re going to put them into a bag and when you pull them out they’ll be tied. Make a big production of putting them into the bag but instead of grabbing the ropes back out, pull out the container of Tide laundry detergent you placed in it before the show started.

  1. Surprise everyone on the Jumbotron

If your event has a Jumbotron, talk to the sound and visual folks beforehand to make sure they do a close-up of you during the playing of YMCA. When you see yourself on screen, spell out different letters to confuse everyone watching.

All you need to complete these mascot stunts is an exceptional mascot costume and a little bit of creativity! Get in touch with Hogtown Mascots for more information or to order your custom costume.

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