How to Recycle Your Mascot Costume


Do you have an old mascot costume that’s not looking its best or that you simply don’t need anymore? Has your team or company rebranded and your needs are no longer the same as they once were? No matter the reason for no longer using your mascot costume, you have options!recycle2 {focus_keyword} How to Recycle Your Mascot Costume recycle2

Trade in Your Costume

One option is to bring your mascot costume to Hogtown Mascots and trade it in. There are several benefits to this option. First of all, you’ll actually save money on a new costume. This is the perfect option if you know that you’re looking to rebrand or simply get a new costume. Second, this program allows your company or organization to do its part in keeping trash out of crowded landfills.

Repurpose Your Costume

Have you considered alternative uses for your costume? For example, if your sport team’s mascot is a lion and you don’t need your costume anymore, perhaps you’ll find a local school, charity or youth organization that would like it. Don’t let it collect dust when it could be put to good use!

Take Advantage of our Remascot Program

This program takes parts from a recycled mascot costume and reuses the materials to make refurbished costumes at reduced costs. What a great way to help the environment and organizations such as non-profits who might not normally be able to afford a mascot! We can lower the amount of fabric, foam and additional materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Don’t Give Up – Repair!

To get started, bring your mascot costume to us. Our experienced professionals will assess your costume and offer suggestions for improvement and updating. We can find ways to improve the look of your original character while also being sure to maintain its original charm. You may be surprised to see how new, fresh and exciting the costume can look after we finish with it.

Give Your Costume a Thorough Cleaning

Is your costume in good shape – except for the fact that it looks dirty and dingy? It’s likely just simple as that – it’s dirty. Bring it to us for a thorough cleaning and you could once again be amazed by how much it will help.

Hogtown Mascots works to bring your ideas to life and specializes in a variety of other services such as recycling, repairing and cleaning your mascot costume. Contact us for more information.

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