How to Keep Warm in Your Mascot Suit This Winter

It definitely looks warm in a mascot suit. However, they’re a bit deceptive in terms of the warmth they hold. Unfortunately, they can make even the most enthusiastic mascot a bit nippy on chilly nights or on parade day.

  1. Wear a Hat or Kerchief

This may sound silly, especially if you’re wearing an entire head as part of your mascot suit. However, you lose a majority of heat through your head. If your suit doesn’t fit completely snug against your head, you may find your costume chilly in colder weather. Wearing a warm hat can keep that valuable heat in.

  1. Long Sleeves

Wear at least one thin long-sleeved shirt underneath your mascot suit. You’ll more than likely want more than one shirt and possibly a sweatshirt, depending on the weather. The key to staying comfortable is to wear layers so you can remove or add them as necessary.

  1. Gloves

You’ll notice your hands getting cold easily if you don’t wear an extra layer. Even if your mascot suit features gloved hands, have an extra pair on hand to keep your fingers from going numb.

  1. Foot Protection

Double up on socks or wear a warm pair of thermal socks before you head out. You’ll need your feet to perform, so keep them warm and toasty for outdoor performances this winter!

  1. Hydrate 
    When you’re underneath all those layers of fur or feathers and layers of clothing, you may not notice other changes happening inside your body. For instance, you may be losing water as a result of sweating. This is why you should adequately hydrate prior to your performance and keep water handy at all times.
  1. Pace Yourself

You’ll find it difficult to regulate your body temperature once you’ve already started moving around and sweating. Try not to overexert yourself to avoid sweating, which can actually make you feel colder.

  1. Get Warm First

Don’t come in from the cold and race to put your suit on. Give yourself time to warm up first and then put on your suit. Once your body temperature is already warm, you’ll be able to maintain it easier rather than try to warm yourself up.
Being a mascot is meant to be fun, so make your winter performances more enjoyable by preparing for the cold. Always remember that layering is best. For more tips on wearing your mascot suit, stay tuned to the Hogtown Mascots blog!