How to Enhance Your Mascot Marketing Program

When you think of Disney World, you think of Mickey Mouse…

When you think of Frosted Flakes, you think of the “gr-r-r-eat” Tony the Tiger…

And all it takes is the mention of a gecko, and you think of that last Geico commercial you saw.

A mascot creates a positive and memorable way to build brand recognition for any product, event, charity, destination or school… no words needed. Mascots let your audience feel like friends with your brand, which increases loyalty and support.

So, when people think of your business, what “face” comes to their mind?

The Power of a Mascot

If your organization has a character – a mascot – that serves as a public face at your events, it is essential that your audience has an instantaneous recognition of that character. Your unique mascot should have the magnetic ability to garner attention, build excitement, and create mass appeal and affection.

In order to build this recognition for a brand new mascot, or to gain the loyalty of a new generation for your long-time mascot, you need to have a mascot marketing plan in place for your character. Aside from ensuring that your mascot is at all of your public events, what else can you do to spread even greater awareness?

Get Creative With Your Mascot Marketing 

While budgets for mascot marketing efforts vary widely between organizations, there are gobs of opportunities for low – to no – cost ideas for you to consider. Here are a just few:

  • Leverage the “Selfie Generation”
    There has never been a generation more passionate about taking and sharing photos of themselves than this generation. Young people (and young-at-heart people!) love taking pictures of themselves… and they love sharing their experiences with others via social media. This is great newsfor you! Leverage this reality by positioning your mascot at events where they can be a part of the fun:
    • Photo bomb group pictures
    • Set up photo booths with props for fans to take fun pictures with your mascot
    • Give your mascot an Instagram account where your mascot’s handler can post photos with fans. By engaging with this community of social-sharers you not only increase your brand’s visibility, but you also increase your modern relevance to a new audience.
  • Social Media is Your Friend
    Mascots don’t verbally speak, however, through social media, they can have a “voice” that allows followers and friends to develop a feeling of relationship with your brand representative. Along with Instagram, take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and other social media outlets for your mascot marketing efforts:
    • Let your audience discover the unique “personality” of your mascot through social media posts that follow their adventures and exploits in the community and at sponsored events.
    • Host “Where Am I?” photo contests in the community by taking pictures of your mascot in various locations. Encourage followers to guess where the photos were taken. This approach solidifies the idea that you are a true part of your community, and promotes the businesses and locations where the photos are taken.
    • The sky’s the limit when it comes to social sharing… get creative!
  • Go Home With Your Fans
    Now, of course, your mascot can’t actually go home with your fans… however, kid-size plush versions, temporary tattoos, apparel and other licensed merchandise can! These lovable takeaway items can be distributed at events, used as giveaways, or sold in gift shops throughout the community.

Engage, Excite and Endear Your Audience

Maximize your organization’s brand awareness by marketing your mascot! Connect with Hogtown Mascots for more information or to develop a mascot for your business, charity, school or event today!

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