How to Become a Mascot: Tips for Aspiring Performers

If you’re an entertainer who is wondering how to become a mascot, the transition can be slightly more in-depth than you think. A mascot isn’t just a great character actor, they also need to represent a brand which comes with a lot of responsibility. If you want to learn how to become a mascot, start with these tips to put you ahead of the competition.
Practice Your Gestures
One thing actors immediately find out when learning how to become a mascot is that they can’t rely on facial expression or verbal communication. Mascots rely solely on body language to convey their message, which takes some adjustment. Work on developing bold gestures and engaging body motion to convey different emotions. Mask your face and stand in front of a mirror, practicing a wide range of emotions. Use big movements so everyone from the person sitting in front of you to the person one hundred feet away can understand. Learn how to convey your emotion using your entire body to step into that mascot suit.
Develop a Biography
Businesses want more from a mascot than a traditional part in a play. Mascots need to be developed characters that channel the company vision and goals in an engaging way. Great mascots know that the best way to develop their mascot persona is to write a character biography. Tampa Bay’s Raymond and the Houston Astros’ Orbit are both nationally known mascots who have full bios that help guide their performer when they react and engage with the audience. Get into character by developing your own mascot biography for different mascots. Practice reactions and interactions in that character persona to get a jumpstart on how to become a mascot.
Dance Like a Mascot
You may tear up the dance floor on the weekends, but dancing like a mascot takes some work. A mascot costume can obstruct your range of motion and adds extra pounds of weight to your frame, making it harder to move. Put on a costume or other type of padding and bust a move. Integrate recent dance trends with old standbys. Getting into rhythm with a large costume can be difficult, so if you’re wondering how to become a mascot, you should start practicing now.
Watch Game Tapes
Just like football players, mascots learn best by watching their competition. Go to local games or watch mascot videos to see how other performers react to the game and interact and engage with the audience. Look at those moves like a coach, trying to figure out why some moves work and others don’t. Replicate what you like and give it your own twist to make it unique to your mascot.
Learn About Costume Care
While businesses want someone who is vibrant and engaging to wear their mascot costumes, they also want someone who is prepared to take proper care of it. Mascot costumes are a piece of company equipment, and the owners of that equipment want it properly cared for at all times. If you’re wondering how to become a mascot, don’t just learn how to perform the part but also how to care for your mascot costume once you take it off.
After you’ve mastered these starter tips for how to become a mascot, it’s time to develop your skill further with these tips to make you a great mascot performer. The world of mascots is fun and truly a unique experience for any performer. If you have any questions or simply want more information on how to order a mascot, contact Hogtown Mascots today!