Do You Need Mascot Accessories?

We’ve all put together a killer outfit, only to find that it was missing that special something to truly complete the look. Often, the missing piece of the puzzle was an accessory! Accessories can add style and originality to a mascot costume. They can also help to define your branding if they are integrated into the design in an effective way. 

During the design and development of your mascot character, don’t forget to consider if your mascot needs any accessories and what those accessories could be. Use your imagination to figure out what could be fun additions to your mascot, while remaining relevant to the character.  

There are many types of mascot accessories to choose from to showcase the versatility of your mascot character and provide them with the right accessories for various appearances, themes, or to promote different causes. 

Here are some mascot accessories to consider for your costume: 


There are so many props to enhance the performance of your mascot character, increase audience engagement, and give your character a pop of personality. Explore props like swords, purses, backpacks, tools, toys and other items that can add to the story of your mascot character. What props will bring your mascot to life? The sky is the limit, since almost anything can be made into a prop.  

Work alongside your mascot designer to create unique props for your mascot. They can be made out of similar colours and materials to your costume to create a seamless experience for your audience. If you’re concerned about hazards, props can be made out of soft materials that are safe to use around young audiences. 

The prop may end up being an iconic part of the mascot costume and something audiences will associate with them. Don’t be afraid to change mascot props depending on the mood or season, to further build out your mascot’s story. 



Who doesn’t get excited about shopping for a new outfit? We get it. That’s why it’s important not to forget about finding awesome outfits for your mascot too! Providing your mascot with a wardrobe can give your organization versatility with marketing communications and make your mascot an exciting focal point. Outfits can be designed with marketing messages and are a great way to add custom branding.  

Your mascot can refresh it’s look with a whole new outfit to match a theme or season. For instance, sports mascots can wear retro jerseys to celebrate the history of the organization or home and away jerseys to match the players. Get creative with the types of outfits you want your mascot to wear and how you can align it with your organization’s event schedule. Your audience will be excited to see your mascot in some new gear and will love the novelty of collecting snaps of the character within each style. 

Beyond outfits, other accessories can include glasses, hats, sunglasses, or options that can add even more originality to a mascot’s look. Your mascot designer can help you decide on which outfits to add to your mascot’s wardrobe and make your vision come true. 


Cooling Accessories 

Think of these options as accessorizing from within. You know how that favourite pair of socks can just make you feel great? No one can see them, but they just somehow give you a different attitude. Think of these options as accessorizing from within. 

Mascot performers tend to get hot and sweaty in their costumes. Although there is really no way to actually avoid that, you can lessen the effects of heat while in costume. Let’s face it, it’s hard to put on your best show if you’re uncomfortably hot. 

To ensure your comfort and avoid overheating, cooling accessories can be a mascot performer’s best friend. Many organizations will provide performers with cooling accessories to use at events or any other performances which require long periods in the costume. Some performers may choose to use them while others may avoid them since they can add extra unnecessary weight to a costume.  

Here are a few cooling accessories to consider for your mascot costume: 

Cooling vest – worn over under regular clothes and right underneath the mascot costume. They provide a cooling barrier your body and the heat source while accommodating gel ice packs.  

Cooling collar – designed to be worn around the mascot performers neck, simply freeze the gel insert, then wrap around the neck.   

Fan – a small fan that is placed in your mascot costumes head to provide ventilation to keep a fresh supply of air in the head of the costume.  

Removable head padding – can be helpful to absorb some perspiration and avoid it getting into your eyes. Make sure it’s removable so you can wash it easily. 

Reach out to your local Toronto mascot design experts at Hogtown Mascots and let’s start creating your dream mascot with the accessories to make your mascot truly standout. An ill-fitting prop or accessory can soon become a hazard if you’re not careful, that’s why professional mascot designers can make a difference. From props to outfits and everything in-between there’s a lot to consider when creating your organization’s perfect mascot.