Different Types of Mascot Design

Whether you’re looking for a mascot for your business, your school, your organization, or something else entirely, you’ve got tons of options. In fact, many people don’t realize just how rich and varied the world of mascot design truly is. Hogtown Mascots is here to help you find the perfect design for your company!
More than just animals – shapes with faces
When you think of mascots you may immediately think of animals. Maybe your first thought is a sport’s team mascot that runs around during halftime to energize the crowd. However, there are tons of other options. One popular choice are shapes with faces. For example, if your company’s logo is a bunch of broccoli, we can custom design you a broccoli mascot with a smiling face.
Not every mascot design includes a face
Some companies may not want a face on their mascot design. And that’s fine too! We can help you create a custom mascot anything! You may choose to make your corporate logo come to life, or highlight one of your favourite products. No matter what you need, all it takes is a consultation with our design team and you’re on your way.
Your mascot design could include numbers, branding, and more!
When we say the sky is the limit for mascot design, we mean it! Perhaps you want your mascot to be a number that signifies a personal or corporate anniversary, or you might have your mascot be a piece of pizza that whets the appetite of potential customers. Bring to life any object or shape and make It’s your choice!
There are many more uses for mascots than you may think
As you can consider your mascot design options, remember that just like you’re not limited in what it will look like, you’re not limited in what you can use it for. We’ve seen companies have a unique mascot for opening day, and grocery stores create fun, festive mascots for special sale days. It may be a mascot that says it’s a sale, or it could be a basket of produce handing out flyers that describe the sale. Either way, it’s sure to catch the eye!
Use your mascots year round
Don’t get stuck thinking of your mascot as something you’ll use once and be done with it. You can make changes to your mascot to make it perfect for holiday celebrations, to showcase your summer line, and in a number of other ways. For example, grab some holiday lights that operate on battery and wrap your mascot in them to show your holiday spirit. Or give your mascot an Independence Day makeover to show your patriotism.
Are you ready to have your own mascot design created? Contact Hogtown Mascots for more information and to get the process started!