Corporate Mascot, Character Mascot or Sports Mascot: Which One is Right for Me?

Will it be a corporate mascot, character mascot, sports mascot? Now that you have committed to getting a custom mascot for your organization or school – where do you start? Investing in a high quality mascot will ensure you have the use of it for years to come – and also that it will have the durability and ease of use for all the antics of your events and occasions. There are three top categories of mascots to check out: the corporate mascot, character mascot, and sports mascot. When you are determining which one is the best for you, consider the following:
Corporate Mascots

A corporate mascot is designed to represent your brand – usually it will be inspired by your existing branding used for print materials and your product line, such as your company’s logo. The great thing about creating a corporate mascot is that you will have a living 3D interactive ambassador that will only need to be paid for once – and then you can use it over and over for as long as you wish.
Character Mascots

A character mascot is your imagination brought to life. You might only have a rough sketch or some loose reference, and together with the character design team, you will be able to create the mascot that best fits your needs – like entertaining a bunch of kids at your daycare or at birthday parties. Cuddle proof and fun to play with are key factors to have in your character mascot. These mascots are most often some type of animal, superhero or monster character. Both corporate and character mascots can be oddly shaped, so they are ideal for meet-and-greet situations.
Sports Mascots
A sports mascot is usually much more athletic than other types of mascots – it can be virtually any type of character but the design is streamlined since they might have to run in races, jump, tackle, bounce, box, wrestle and roll around. The sports mascots also need to be colourful and eye-catching – even from a distance – so bright colors and a well-trained performer are a must. They are usually associated with sports teams, but any company or organization can also have a mascot character that is more sporty. Sports mascots need to fire up everyone around them, and they also need to be easy to wear for the performers.
Licensing Your Mascot Character

You can extend the use of your corporate mascot, sports mascot or character mascot beyond the fun and interactive costume. Make an even better and lasting impression by creating tangibles your audience can take home. Mascot designs created by Hogtown Mascots can be licensed so you can print the character on t-shirts, create advertising posters, make coloring books and build toys and more. Licenses also extend to corporate occasions requiring films, books, covers and newsletters. There are two types of licenses to ask about when using your mascot for creative pieces: non-exclusive and exclusive rights.
Whichever type of mascot you decide on, whether it is a corporate mascot, character mascot, sports mascot, you can be sure to instantly boost the morale of everyone who engages with it!