Choosing a Mascot For Your School

The mascot you choose will become an indelible part of your school’s culture. Because it will so strongly represent your school, choosing the right mascot is an important decision to make. Your mascot should represent what your school is all about, but also captivate and relate with your student body. But with plenty of colorful animals, humanoids and creatures to choose from, how do you make the right mascot choice? To help you with choosing a mascot that is perfect for your school, we are going to explore the steps that you should take in the process.

1. Take a look at your school’s name and identity

Your school’s name and unique identity can have a huge impact on what makes sense for a mascot choice. For example if your school is known for its fierce competitiveness, then a warrior or Spartan design could work. If, on the other hand, your school is steeped in local history, then you could create a unique mascot that represents this.

Nantucket whaler mascot costume
Whaler mascot – Nantucket, MA

2. Consider your school’s location

How to choose a school mascot can be as simple as looking to the name of the place where you live – Deer Creek, Eagle Falls, etc. Sometimes a mascot idea can be based on an animal or creature associated with your area. Because your students are probably familiar with something that is local, they can easily identify with it. This applies to both real and fictional creatures. Some schools in New Jersey, for example, do a great job of harnessing the legend of the fictional creature the ‘Jersey Devil’, which is said to live in the woods in the state.

New Buffalo Schools Bison mascot costume
Bison mascot – New Buffalo, MI

3. Think about your school colors

A huge part of school pride is representing your school’s colors. Whatever they are, your mascot should be representing them. This doesn’t mean that you need to have a purple and green animal because those happen to be your school’s colors (unless that is what you want to do). All mascots, including the animals, can wear clothes; you can have their apparel designed in the color of your choosing.

Manzano High School Lion Mascot Costumes
Lion mascots – Albuquerque, NM

4. Consider which sport(s) your mascot will be representing

If your school has multiple sports and you plan on using a single mascot for all of them, then its design shouldn’t favor a particular sport. On the other hand, if you are a single-sport school or you plan on having different iterations of your mascot for each sport, then a sport-specific design would be perfect for your school.

UNT Dallas jaguar mascot
Jaguar mascot – Dallas, TX

5. Hold a mascot design contest

One of the best ways to develop a strong connection between your mascot and those who matter most to your school, its students, is to choose a mascot design that was created by the students themselves. You can make this happen by holding a mascot design contest and then either choosing the best design yourself, or allowing your students to vote on the design that they like the best. When holding such a contest, be sure to use all of the factors listed above as criteria and guidelines for how students should develop their mascot design concepts.

Choosing a mascot for your school doesn’t have to rack your brain
Despite your mascot’s importance to your school, choosing the perfect one doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, following the tips listed above will make the process a breeze. Contact Hogtown Mascots and we’ll bring your custom mascot ideas to life!