Best School Mascot Costume Names

At a college sporting event, the mascot is the second most important thing for you to have (the first most important thing is the players, of course). In addition to having a well-designed mascot costume that can jump all over the place and do what needs to be done to keep the whole crowd engaged and entertained, you need to give it a name.
The mascot name allows the people in the crowd to better connect with your mascot costume, and makes it that much more memorable. But what name should you choose? To help you get off on the right foot, we are going to take a look at the 25 best mascot costume names out there and explain what makes them all so great.

  1. Boomer the Badger at Brock University
  2. Rodney the Raven at Carleton University
  3. Freddie the Falcon at Fanshawe College
  4. Mac the Marauder at McMaster University
  5. Humber Hawk at Humber College
  6. Sammy Sting at Seneca College
  7. Gryph the Gryphon at the University of Guelph
  8. King Warrior at the University of Waterloo
  9. Paladins at the Royal Military College of Canada
  10. Rowdy Rustler at Lakeland College
  11. Sammy the Seahawk at Memorial University of Newfoundland
  12. Caper at Cape Breton University
  13. Boomer the Lightning Bolt at Algoma University
  14. Pride the Panther at the University of Prince Edward Island
  15. Wesley Coyote at the University of Winnipeg
  16. Growler the bear at Georgian College
  17. Knightro the Knight at Niagara College
  18. Mo the Hawk at Mohawk College
  19. Bailey the Bobcat at Brandon University
  20. The Bison at the University of Manitoba
  21. Boo Boo the Bear at Queen’s University
  22. Thunder of the Thunderbirds of the University of British Columbia
  23. Cliffy the Condor at Conestoga College
  24. The Thunderwolf at Lakehead University
  25. True Blue at the University of Toronto

What do all of these outstanding mascot costume names have in common?

Regardless of whether the school’s mascot is a small mammal, high flying bird, lightning bolt or anything in between, they all include at least one of the two following features:

  • A name directly related to the creature that the mascot is (ex. Boomer the Lightning Bolt)
  • A name with a starting letter that is the same as the name of the creature that the mascot is (ex. Pride the Panther)

When your mascot costume’s name has at least one of these these two features, it becomes more memorable and more relatable for the crowd. With this, your crowd will soon be cheering the name of your mascot costume as loudly as they cheer on the actual team. In addition to including the two features listed above, you should also try to find a way to come up with a good mascot name that rhymes (True Blue), or includes some sort of pun (Mo the Hawk).

Does your chosen name work for your mascot costume?

The name that you choose for your mascot costume is extremely important. Although your mascot costume’s design will always be the most important factor to consider, its name will do a great deal to help you define it for your crowd. Make sure that you choose the best possible name for your mascot costume by using the outstanding mascot costume names listed in this article and the basic framework that ties them all together as a guide. To learn more about how to put together the perfect mascot for your school’s sporting events, give our team of mascot experts a call at Hogtown Mascots.