3 Signs Your Mascot Needs Repair

As a marketing representative for your organization, you need to ensure your mascot costume is presentable during events. Doing so gives a projection of professionalism and a clean-cut image of your organization. Your mascot costume is an investment and a branding resource that is important. So, if your mascot costume looks tired, dirty, or needs repair, chances are the public likely views your organization in a similar way. To avoid this and prevent the company from public embarrassment, good judgement should dictate when your mascot costume needs repair.

Here are some tell-tale signs of a mascot in distress:

  1. Loose parts: The most vulnerable places to look out for loose parts are things like eyes, ears, teeth, buttons, buckles etc. These should be checked before and after each use. There’s nothing worse than a mascot losing an eye in the middle of a performance!
  2. Ripped or worn out fabric: As a result of your mascot’s active life, the fur or fabric may tear and get worn. A quick inspection of vulnerable areas will tell you if repairs should be done promptly to save the mascot from further damage. Look for seams that are loose or unraveling, as well as worn out spots on the hands, feet or belly.
  3. Visible scratches: Scratches, cracks or holes should be repaired immediately. Failing to repair your mascot could result in further damage, potential injury and a bad overall impression with the public. It’s typical to find that after a while, the mascot costume will develop scratches and other normal wear and tear. Regular maintenance is the key to maintaining the longevity of your mascot costume.

Whether you’re planning to attend a meet and greet event, a sporting event, or kids’ festivals, mascot costumes need to be cared for, even though they are designed to withstand lots of public interaction. But having a regular inspection routine and knowing what to look for will prevent damage before it’s too late to fix.
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