Why Choose a Professional Mascot Storage Solution?

mascot-storageHere at Hogtown Mascots, we’re dedicated to meeting your mascot needs from the first step of design to the end of its life, and this includes mascot storage. Your mascot will only be in performance for likely a few hours each week, meaning that it needs a safe place to be stored. Closets, lockers and even office spaces are not the best place for keeping your mascot safe, for a variety of reasons. Consider the following elements to proper storage, and why you should choose a professional mascot storage solution.
Climate Control
Like all fabric-based items, mascots can inevitably succumb to poor climate conditions. Humidity is a major concern for the upkeep of fabrics, especially mascots. Humidity can cause a number of problems for a mascot costume, eventually leading to it being completely unusable. One of the biggest issues is that the costume will begin to smell, as the moisture creates a damp, musty scent embedded into the fabric. At the same time, this moisture will slowly cause the costume to develop patches of mold. Once the fabric starts to mold, there is no saving the costume and it will have to be thrown away.
In addition, humidity causes a problem for the internal structure of the mascot as well. Depending on what the structural components of the costume are made of, these materials can also retain moisture and harvest mold and mildew. This can be even more dangerous as it may not be visible, and the mascot wearer may be breathing in these toxins without knowing so.
Once you’ve invested time and resources into producing a professional, high quality mascot, it’s important that it’s kept out of reach from the general public. Mascots are a highly valuable piece of costume wear, and in many cases are a true symbol of the team or company you represent. Their stature makes them invaluable, and to some unruly fans, a desirable piece of memorabilia to have at home. This means that they are one of the first pieces of equipment to be stolen from locker rooms or in-house facilities. With our professional mascot storage, we equip our storage facility with CCTV, a closed circuit television system, to monitor the area at all time. We’re immediately aware if someone is in a mascot storage room that shouldn’t be, and keep your costume safe at all times.
Not only do mascot costumes need to be kept dry and out of the way of all harmful environments, but they need to be kept in the proper shape. Depending on the design and style of your mascot, yours may need to be kept propped upwards or stuffed to keep its shape to keep it looking great. Our professional mascot storage will ensure that your costume doesn’t droop or sag, and stay in pristine condition.
When you have a high quality mascot that you want to keep in ideal condition for years to come, professional mascot storage is a simple solution to ensure long term use. For more information about professional mascot storage here at Hogtown Mascots or any of our other great services, contact us today!