Why Animal Mascots are Great For Educating Your Audience

picture of wolf mascotMascots are one of your most important marketing tools. But a good mascot does a whole lot more than just tell people about your company or put on a show. A good mascot can also educate your audience about a wide variety of topics. Animal mascots are some of the most common and endearing of mascots, making them ideal for educational programs. Here is a brief overview of why animal mascots are a great choice when you’re looking to educate your audience.
Adds Fun
Learning new things is not always fun. When trying to educate your audience, an important thing to remember is to create a presentation that keeps them engaged. Much like a child in a class they hate, or an adult in a work meeting they don’t want to be in, a boring attempt at education will be one that results in very little being learned. By using animal mascots you add an element of fun right from the beginning. By making learning fun, you make your audience much more receptive of what you’re saying and greatly increases the chances of them absorbing your message.
Gets the Crowd’s Attention
Just because somebody is listening that does not mean they are paying attention. The phrase ‘in one ear and out the other’ comes to mind. Adults (as well as children) are experts at sitting still, looking attentive, and not hearing anything. You want people to pay attention and to have your message be heard and understood. Using an animal mascot, you’ll grab the audience’s attention, your words will have more impact and will be more likely to be remembered.
Explain Serious/Complex Topics in a Way that’s Easy to Understand
A lot of topics can be complex for children and adults alike. With a mascot, even the most uninteresting topics can be made interesting through more involved teaching methods, games, and entertaining performances. Many topics, such as healthy living, recycling, or fire safety become a lot easier to understand when they are part of an amusing performance.
Familiar and Memorable
Lastly, animal mascots work well as an educational tool because they are something everyone is familiar with and can relate to. When you think back to your childhood, you remember mascots you saw on television and in advertisements. Even when seeing one again as an adult, it’s something you remember as attention grabbing. Simply put, when you see a mascot you take notice, tend to relax, and you are more likely to remember what’s going on. Learning about something from an animal mascot is going to stick in your memory much more so than a lesson taught by a human presenter alone.
Animal mascots can be an effective marketing tactic for your business or organization, and can also become an amazing educational tool. In order for your animal mascot to be a great teacher, you should invest in a well-made mascot costume. When you’re looking for a mascot costume that looks great and will stand out from the competition, contact Hogtown Mascots today. When you buy a mascot from Hogtown you can rest assured you’re getting a high quality and truly unique product!