What to look for when choosing a mascot performer

Now that you have your custom mascot suit, it’s time to find the right mascot performer to bring your character to life. If you are looking for mascot performers you have a few choices. You can have someone within your organization do the job, hold auditions, or work with an entertainment or employment agency. No matter where your performer comes from, here’s what you need to know to find the right person for the job.
Should you hire a mascot performer from outside your organization?
You may think it would be a great idea to have someone already in your organization serve as the mascot for special events. You may get lucky and find the perfect person already works for you. But most of the time it is a better idea to hire someone outside the organization to do it. Just because your employees love working for you doesn’t necessarily mean any of them will have the traits necessary to make a good mascot, or that any of them will want the job. You will also be forfeiting their valuable skills at any events the mascot attends, which you might not want to do. Depending on how often and where your mascot appears, a current employee may not be able to fit in mascot performing with the rest of their job demands.
What traits make good mascot performers?
A friendly and outgoing personality is a must. There’s just something about mascots enthusiasm and a welcoming demeanor that makes people want to engage with them. There will be hugs, handshakes, picture taking and lots of other interactions, so mascot performers have to really love being around people. And even though your mascot isn’t saying anything, they are still representing your organization and you want it to be in a positive way all the time. Nobody wants to interact with a tired and grumpy mascot.
Finding someone who is physically energetic or has some athletic ability isn’t a bad idea either. Some mascots at athletic events may throw around a ball or do tricks and stunts as part of the show. Even if your mascot doesn’t need to do those things, being a mascot performer can be physically demanding. A person needs to move around easily even if the suit is heavy or bulky. They may have to stand or walk for long periods, put up with warmer or colder temperatures, and they need to be able to move around and perform safely. These things can require some endurance and would be easier for someone that is in reasonable shape and familiar with a fair amount of physical activity.
Although it isn’t entirely necessary, previous experience with acting or performing can be very helpful and previous experience as a mascot is even better. But don’t worry, the right person with no experience can get some mascot training to help them out. You’ll want to make sure your mascot is able to represent your organization appropriately through its image and actions. Since the mascot isn’t talking, they will need to rely on actions to convey your message and their personality. Mascot performers need to be comfortable performing in front of a few people and large crowds. Someone with experience may also have some fresh ideas for engaging your audience that you haven’t thought of yet.
If you’re looking for someone to bring life to your custom mascot, Hogtown Mascots has the expertise to train your performers in order to truly engage your audience. Contact us today for questions about our services or to order a mascot.