Top Ten Ranked MLB Mascots

With the end of baseball season wrapping up with the playoffs, we review the top ten MLB mascot you’ve seen throughout the games. In particular, Ace had a lot to celebrate with the Toronto Blue Jays as the team placed first in the AL Eastern Division for the first time in 22 years.
But no matter what baseball team, MLB mascots have many commonalities. They have names, personalities, costumes, likes and dislikes. The teams would not be complete without their mascots. Let’s dive into these top custom MLB mascots.
Ace – Toronto Blue Jays
In 2000, Ace made his first appearance as the full-time mascot, replacing the former mascot BJ Birdy. Ace had another mascot he got to be mischievous with named Diamond, but in 2003 Ace become the sole mascot representing the Jays in Toronto and on the road. Ace is a playful blue jay that likes to create excitement for both home and visiting players, except he likes to “ruffle the feathers” of opponent players. He stands 6 feet tall, and you can easily spot him at community events during baseball seasons.
Rangers Captain – Texas Rangers
This MLB mascot is a horse and stands 2 ½ bats tall. He was introduced in 2002 and wears number 72 on his team’s uniform. He makes sure that his uniform always matches the team’s uniform for each game, whether the Texas Rangers are the home or visiting team. This mascot is easily identifiable as the Texas Rangers’ mascot.
Billy the Marlin – Miami Marlins
This friendly mascot loves to be around people and will make appearances at birthdays, corporate functions, festivals, and even family reunions. This fish stands 8 feet tall and weighs 250 lbs. He was excited to make his first debut in 1993, so he is now 25 years old. But one thing that never gets old is his love for tuna and sardine sandwiches.
Paws – Detroit Tigers
Paws first made his debut in 1995 and wears his team’s uniform. Just like some baseball fans, Paws enjoys eating hot dogs with ketchup, pepperoni pizza and water, so hold on to your food if you’re ever at a Detroit Tigers’ game. When this mascot not running around at baseball games, Paws is collecting baseball cards and playing with friends.
Stomper – Oakland Athletics
Stomper is a 6’6” friendly elephant that made his first appearance on opening night in 1997. You can find him sporting the team’s gold and green jersey, which also happen to be his favourite colours. Can you guess his favourite food? Of course it’s peanuts! When he’s not at a baseball game, you will find making public service announcements, particularly against chewing tobacco.
Screech – Washington Nationals
In 2005 after the team returned to baseball from a 34-year hiatus, Screech hatched from his egg to reveal his role as the team’s mascot. This bald eagle wears the team’s uniform with the number 00 on it and dances the night away at baseball games. To fuel-up for games, Screech feasts on gummy worms.
The Oriole Bird – Baltimore Orioles
This top mascot first appeared in 1979, so he’s well-known to baseball. This bird eats seeds, and for a treat you will find him eating crab cakes. He loves meeting and greeting fans, so fans will be sure to grab a selfie with The Oriole Bird.
Raymond – Tampa Bay Rays
Raymond was born in the Gulf of Mexico and made his first appearance in 1998. There’s no easy way to describe this mascot as he’s a strange looking blue creature that wears running shoes, a baseball cap and the team’s jersey. However, some say that he is a “Canus Manta Whatthefluffalus,” or better known as a Seadog. But you’ll find this energetic creature eating hot dogs, doing flips (hopefully not after eating hot dogs), as well as reading and playing chess.
Fredbird – St. Louis Cardinals
Fredbird first made his appearance in 1979 and has loved the game of baseball ever since. When this MLB mascot is not interacting with fans he grabs a quick bite to eat, but he’s not the typical bird. He doesn’t eat bird seed, but likes to eat hot dogs, popcorn and drink soda pop. During the game, watch out for Fredbird as he plays pranks on umpires, throws t-shirts into the crowds, and plays with his water gun.
Wally the Green Monster – Boston Red Sox
Wally is a friendly and furry green monster that enjoys parading around the baseball stadium in green, red and navy blue colours. He made his first appearance in 1997 and is always seen sporting the team’s jersey with the number 97 on it. Usually baseball players have a specific skill set, but not this MLB mascot. Wally can play every position.
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