Top 10 Mascot Costumes

Mascot costumes have been helping organizations connect with people for decades. Over the years, countless mascots have come and gone. Some mascot costumes, however, have not only withstood the test of time, but they became iconic. Here are 10 of the best recognized mascot costumes that are widely loved and remembered:

  1. Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald might be the least scary clown on the planet (for those who have a fear of clowns). His cherubic appearance is not too overbearing and he is absolutely great with the kids.

  1. Mickey & Minnie Mouse

These two have been the faces of Walt Disney’s media empire since the very beginning. To this day, Mickie and Minnie mouse are typically the most recognizable Disney characters that children want to meet when they arrive at a Disney theme park.

  1. The Geico Gecko

Although having made his debut in 1999, he is the youngest mascot on this list by far, the Geico Gecko has quickly become one of the most recognizable mascots on the planet. His incredible commercial success has led Geico to send his mascot costume all around the world to make appearances.

  1. The Trix Rabbit

Kids love Trix cereal. This is in no small part due to the hilarity of the Trix Rabbit’s failed attempts to nab a bite of Trix cereal. When children meet him in person, they show him plenty of love (while still keeping a close eye on their cereal)

  1. Carlton the Bear

Carlton is the Toronto Maple Leafs beloved polar bear mascot that represents the Canadian team in the National Hockey League. He made his debut in 1995, and has been cheering with fans ever since. You’ll find this 6’4” bear on the ice, or tossing shirts and swag into the audience.

  1. The AFLAC Duck

Who would’ve thought that something with such an annoying catchphrase could become so beloved? The AFLAC Duck’s goofy antics and incessant screaming of its company’s name has not only burned the word AFLAC into people’s minds, but it made us fall in love with it.

  1. Tony the Tiger

Even if you dislike the taste of Frosted Flakes, you will still have a difficult time not exclaiming “they’re grrreat!” This is all thanks to Tony the Tiger, who has used his high energy style to captivate people for years.

  1. The Pillsbury Doughboy

When you mix together irresistible cuddliness, a doughy body and an impossibly cute reaction to a poke in the belly, you get the Pillsbury Doughboy. Children and adults absolutely love meeting this guy, and few can restrain themselves from getting their own belly poke in when they see him.

  1. The Energizer Bunny

Thanks to the Energizer Bunny and his drum, the Energizer battery brand is recognized as one that can be relied upon. He has shown us plenty of endurance and given us plenty of laughs along the way.

  1. The Michelin Man

The Michelin Man creatively brings friendly mascot design and a company’s product offerings together. He is composed completely of tires, and can be seen in commercials heroically using his rubber body parts to save the day. This guy is so great, in fact, that having been created in the late 1800s, he is one of the oldest existing corporate mascots.
All of these mascots have lessons that future mascot designers should follow
The 10 creations listed above have shown that designing a great mascot is about more than just putting together an interesting looking character. You need to create a mascot that can continually relate to people, while providing an irrevocable connection to your own brand.