Tips for Making a Mascot Costume Comfortable

While it’s true that being inside a mascot costume can often require you to invoke your best ‘zen’ self, there are several things you can do to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you’re a volunteer performer or a seasoned pro, these tips will help you to be a more happy mascot!
Consider how the design of the mascot head will ultimately impact the person wearing it. Position eyes, nose or mouth for best alignment with performer’s eyes for maximum amount of vision.
To let heat escape from the head, use mesh and screening in as many discreet places as possible to allow for air flow. This could include, the eyes, nose, mouth, ears or top of the head. Be careful not to disrupt the look of the character with too many obvious vent holes.
Fan Placement
If your fan is removable and repositionable, select the spot inside the head that works best for you. Also decide if you want the fan to blow in from the outside or exhaust the warm air out of the costume. In cooler weather, you may prefer to feel the colder air blowing in and, conversely, in warm weather you might want to expel the warmer air out of the costume.
Body Structure
Use an inner body made of lightweight, breathable foam, sports mesh and tubing to create the correct body shape while also keeping the bulk of the costume body off the performer. This allows air to circulate inside the mascot, keeping you cooler. Avoid dense or heavy padding that comes into direct contact with you as this will trap in heat and moisture.
Cooling Vest
Some performers like the idea of wearing a cooling vest while they are inside a mascot costume. These have pockets in front and back in which you can place standard gel ice packs. A cooling vest can help to lower your core temperature in warm conditions.
Double Down
If you are doing several mascot performances over the course of a few days, you might want to consider having two or three sets of those mascot pieces that will typically get the most use and won’t necessarily be able to dry fully in between appearances. These could include things like gloves, shoe liners, helmet padding, chin straps, etc. Having a dry set of these for each day can make all the difference when you’re suiting up multiple times.
Under the Suit
To make your mascot appearance more comfortable, wear lightweight clothing that wicks away moisture. T-shirts, tank tops, shorts or tights are good options for keeping cool. Avoid bulky items such as jeans or sweaters as these can trap heat and also limit your mobility. The exception might be if you will be out in very cold weather and not moving around very much, for example on a parade float.
For more advice on how to make your custom mascot costume as comfortable as possible, contact our dedicated team at Hogtown Mascots!