Things To Remember When It Comes To Mascot Cleaning

An appearance by your mascot is a lot of fun for everyone. But in order to keep the fun going you’ll need to make sure your mascot is clean and looking its best. Mascot cleaning can seem like a big job, but these tips and tricks can help make it easier.

Before you start

Determine the best method to clean your mascot. Contact the manufacturer for help or follow any instructions they have provided. If that isn’t possible, you have two other choices. You can either use our general guidelines or opt for professional mascot cleaning  services.
Dry cleaning should generally be avoided. The chemicals and heat used during this process can cause damage that is often irreparable. Use a mild soap or detergent and water for mascot cleaning instead. It is a good idea to check any detergents or stain removers on an inconspicuous area, such as the inside seam, to make sure they won’t damage fabric or take out color.

First steps and stain removal

Disassemble your mascot costume to make cleaning easier. A good place to start is removing any stains or surface debris. Remove any dry debris by gently brushing the area with a pet brush or a lint roller. A pet brush can also be used to remove debris from Velcro fasteners. A damp cloth may be enough to remove some stains. Others may require spot treating with a stain remover.

Overall cleaning

Parts like an inner body suit, shoe covers, gloves, clothing and removable inner padding can often be machine washed in cold water. Take advantage of that to make your mascot cleaning job a little easier. Parts with delicate decorations should be hand washed.
For the parts of your mascot that are not machine washable, the best and easiest mascot cleaning method is to use a wet dry vacuum cleaner. This will make sure as much water as possible is removed from the costume and allow it to dry faster and thoroughly. Similar to cleaning upholstery or carpeting, spray your cleaning solution on an area, gently scrub and remove the soap with the vacuum cleaner. Use plain water to rinse and use the wet dry vacuum again to remove the water. Repeat rinsing until all the soap is removed.
Plastic areas can be cleaned with alcohol wipes as long as they don’t remove any paint, as well as warm soapy water and a cloth.
Inside the head can be sprayed and wiped down to clean. Depending on the material, you may need to clean the inside the same way you cleaned the outside, by spraying, scrubbing and rinsing. If your mascot has a ventilation fan, make sure to remove it first if possible.


Unless your instructions specifically say that machine drying is okay, it is best to avoid the dryer. Furs often mat and some fabrics can even melt from the heat. Using a dryer is okay, on the ‘air only’ setting. Instead, hang the costume and allow it to air dry thoroughly. This is very important! Storing a costume that is still damp will cause mold and mildew to form which will likely ruin your mascot costume. At the very least it will cause some seriously unpleasant smells and unsanitary conditions that will require the costume be cleaned again before it can be used.
For a more in-depth demonstration of the wet dry vacuum cleaning method and other helpful mascot cleaning tips, watch our video. For more information about professional mascot cleaning or purchasing a custom mascot, contact Hogtown Mascots today!