The Top 5 NFL Team Mascots

If you’re a fan of the NFL then you probably know your football team mascot very well, but you might not know why they’re actually there. Beyond being an image used on jerseys and other sports memorabilia, mascots play a significant role in making sure the crowd is excited about the game, being utilized in halftime events, and a source of identity for a team. Football team mascots range in quality however, and while some mascots may be well constructed and attractive, others are just bizarre. Here is our top 5 list of national football team mascots, and why they make the cut.
Billy Buffalo – Buffalo Bills
Billy Buffalo is a bright blue buffalo fully equipped with horns, a beard and a custom BB jersey to match. Unlike many football team mascots, he has a full costume of furry blue legs and arms and doesn’t simply have football equipment on underneath. According to his profile on the Bills’ website, one of his favorite foods is Buffalo wings, no surprise there! Billy attends many local charity events, hospitals, schools and more to keep team spirit up around the city.
Sir Purr – Carolina Panthers
Sir Purr might be the most harmless looking mascot for a team named after a vicious animal. Sir Purr may look more like a domestic cat than a terrifying panther, but in the name of friendly mascots he definitely fits the part. When not rooting for his team, he visits hospitals, schools and summer camps. He even has an active Twitter account with 16.5 thousand followers and a professional Facebook account with 16.4 thousand likes.
Who Dey – Cincinnati Bengals
Who Dey is the tiger mascot for Cincinnati that has a name unlike any other. Who Dey is named after a fan chant for the Bengals that began in the 1980’s which called for half the audience to chant “Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals” while the other half responded with “nobody”. Now, the chant remains with the team in the form of their mascot who can be seen around town visiting fans, hospitals, and at city wide events.
Viktor Viking – Minnesota Vikings
Viktor the Viking is the 6’5 mascot of the Minnesota Vikings, with flowing blonde hair and a purple helmet to match. He has a detailed profile on the Viking’s website, listing his birthplace in the Fjords of Iceland in 960 AD, and cheese grating as one of his favorite activities. Viktor Viking is one of the most digitally connected mascots in the NFL, with multiple social profiles. You can find him on Twitter with 5 thousand followers, Facebook with 31 thousand likes, and Instagram with almost 8 thousand followers.
Blitz – Seattle Seahawks
Blitz is the large blue hawk that can be spotted at every Seahawks game, though he will be at ground level and not in the sky. This larger than life bird only appeared in 1998, but has made quite the impact on the team. This mascot outfit recently got an overhaul, and he is looking better than ever. Blitz is a permanent fixture in the “Ready, Set, Goals” reading program run by the Seahawks. He also has an incredible 16 thousand Twitter followers, and 14 thousand Facebook likes.
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