Top 4 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Mascot Head

Here’s What You Need to Know About Buying a Mascot Head Mascot heads come in many shapes and sizes, and just as many different materials and levels of quality. The type of mascot you ultimately purchase will depend on a number of factors – budget, type of character required, safety, comfort and performer experience. As

How Often Do Mascot Suits Need to Be Cleaned?

mascot-suit-cleaningWhen you’re responsible for the upkeep of your company’s mascot suits, it’s pivotal that they’re kept in pristine condition. But you may be wondering, just how often do mascot suits need to be cleaned? A full professional clean after every wear may seem excessive, and also in many instances not possible. Mascot suits travel with your team, business or company venture, and thus can go through harsh environments before making it back to a professional cleaner. If you’re the person responsible for the cleaning of the mascot suit, consider these cleaning tips to keep the costume in ideal condition.

Two Types of Clean

When you’re considering how often to clean your mascot suits, there are two different types of cleaning methods you can undertake, a professional service and a DIY cleaning. Both are recommended on a regular basis, however they require different steps and have different standards.

How to Transport Professional Mascot Costumes Safely

Professional mascot costumes can be a huge investment for many businesses.  Well-designed, marketable mascots need to endure highly active use for a minimum of four to five years, and often cost thousands of dollars to create.  An important consideration for mascot designers is whether or not the mascot costume will be used in one place,