Mascot Training Tips to Plan Your Performance

picture of Hatsune Miku mascotA talented mascot performer builds excitement into any event. But even people who are the most natural performers take advantage of training and careful planning to hone their craft. Here’s a look at some of the most important planning tips and tricks to consider in order to make your performances stand out.

Improve Communication With Your Audience

Communication is key to any successful mascot performance, because the first rule for mascots is: never speak. Therefore, you must become an expert at communicating using only physical gestures.

Every mascot needs to know how to wave, blow kisses, hug, and generally exude emotions like shyness or joy that must be expressed with physical gestures rather than facial expressions, words and tone of voice. For example, mascots wave using their entire arms to make a grand gesture unless they are up close to little children, in which case a hand-only wave is appropriate.