Sources for Mascot Design Inspiration

black panther mascot costumeLooking for a fresh mascot design for your company or sports team? Inspiration can be hard to find, especially if you don’t know where to look or are stuck in the mindset of the old design. Luckily, here at Hogtown Mascots, we have a long history of helping our clients come up with stand-out ideas that leave them with the perfect mascot. When looking for your next mascot design inspiration, consider the following:

Get Inspired By Your Logo
If your brand, team, or school already has a name or logo that you can draw inspiration from for your mascot design, why not work with it? Elements of your logo, or even the entire logo itself can be transformed into a lively mascot that is instantly recognizable by your audience. Choosing a mascot inspired by your logo allows you to stay true to your brand and find a new outlet to engage with your fans.

Tips for Brainstorming Mascot Ideas

brainstorming-mascot-ideasIf you need a new mascot, the most important first step is to choose your mascot’s design. It’s a big job, so don’t try to tackle it on your own. Here are some tips for brainstorming mascot ideas with your team so you can choose the perfect mascot.

Look to the past

Did your team or business have a mascot years ago that was popular? Maybe you used a character in your marketing that resonated with your audience. Could you resurrect that character and give it a modern twist? This can be a simple way to get a great idea for a new mascot using elements from a tried and true favorite.

Don’t dismiss any mascot ideas outright

Some mascot ideas may seem unlikely, but don’t dismiss them until you’ve had time to think it over. Some of the most unlikely mascots, like the Geico Gecko, really resonate with their audience. Write down as many ideas as you can come up with, then eliminate the ones that just won’t work later on. You only need one great idea, so don’t be afraid to come up with dozens of mediocre ones in order to find it.