Top 4 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Mascot Head

Here’s What You Need to Know About Buying a Mascot Head Mascot heads come in many shapes and sizes, and just as many different materials and levels of quality. The type of mascot you ultimately purchase will depend on a number of factors – budget, type of character required, safety, comfort and performer experience. As

Sources for Mascot Design Inspiration

black panther mascot costumeLooking for a fresh mascot design for your company or sports team? Inspiration can be hard to find, especially if you don’t know where to look or are stuck in the mindset of the old design. Luckily, here at Hogtown Mascots, we have a long history of helping our clients come up with stand-out ideas that leave them with the perfect mascot. When looking for your next mascot design inspiration, consider the following:

Get Inspired By Your Logo
If your brand, team, or school already has a name or logo that you can draw inspiration from for your mascot design, why not work with it? Elements of your logo, or even the entire logo itself can be transformed into a lively mascot that is instantly recognizable by your audience. Choosing a mascot inspired by your logo allows you to stay true to your brand and find a new outlet to engage with your fans.

4 Ways Hogtown Mascots is a Green Mascot Maker

green-mascot-makerHere at Hogtown Mascots, we are mascot makers who are fully committed to providing our clients with the greenest possible techniques for our mascot design, manufacturing and other services. We want to ensure that we’re doing everything in our control to keep the environment safe, which is why we’ve gone out of our way to ensure we offer as many eco-friendly options as possible, including:

How to Identify a Quality Mascot Costume

resort14When you need a quality mascot costume that can endure any difficult environment, it’s incredibly important that you invest in a high quality costume. But with so many mascot companies available to you, how do you ensure that you’re getting the highest quality design and construction? Sometimes it doesn’t just come down to price like purchases in other industries do. In the mascot industry, identifying a quality mascot should come down to the following considerations:

Materials Available

A high quality mascot designer should have a large selection of materials in-house for you to choose from, and give you the option to have a material ordered in should you request it. Depending on the type of mascot you are going with, be it an animal, plant, cartoon or otherwise, the costume may need a number of different materials to create the best look. If a mascot company only has a few material and colour types, there’s a good chance that their designs won’t look the way you want them to.